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What is Luxury operational marketing?


Operational marketing consists in all the actions made to achieve the company goals. These goals are decided by the Brand managers at the strategic level & are made to constantly evolved.

Within the marketing department, handled by the Brand managers and the project mangers, the Luxury operational marketing is the link between the strategy (where decisions are taken) & the field (where everything happens). Luxury operational marketing is made to materialize the Brand strategy on the field via successive marketing actions that we call projects.

As a brand image bondsman, the marketing project is used to stand out from the crowd.

The brand can differentiate itself from its competitors & make its client aware by communicating about its products qualities. Moreover, marketing actions are the perfect place to share the company value & know-how and materialize the brand personality at every detail. Client loyalty is created by emotional experience.


What means Project outsourcing?

What is a marketing project?

project is an action aiming a defined, known & measurable result. It is born from an objective part of a strong & consistent strategy.

Unique & complex, the project often exists in a schedule with lead-times, starting & ending dates. During production, several actions part of the marketing project can be related to each other. Punctual, recurrent and/or partial, the project often requires innovation and respect of the brand universe. A positive change can be a goal to energize or upgrade the brand image.

project in the Luxury operational marketing field consists in the materialization of the brand strategy. Most of the time, the project has a direct impact on the brand distribution and distribution but also the client relations.


What means outsourcing?

Outsourcing consists in externalizing the entire or partial  management of a project.

The project management represents the development, the planning, the coordination, the production, the control & follow-up of a project. Outsourcing is used to ensure the success of the project by structuring & optimizing it in professional hands.

A fruitful outsourcing can be defined by the achievement of the client objectives asserting the respect of 3 SMART notions in project management: budget, lead-time & quality of the result. 

SMART : Specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, timed




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