Our Brand, one soul

"What comes next!"

History & Origins

How was our Luxury Marketing agency created?

Epykomène Luxury Place Vendôme Manège

Epykomene was born in Paris in December 2010.

Its inception comes from Luxury sensitivity, a global marketing background as well as through its founder’s several experiences in Brand creation and project management.

Passionate about global brands such as Boom & Bloom®, Audrey KABLA launched the International Luxury marketing agency in 2010.

Brand personality

Brand creation

“I wanted a brand name with an antique & ageless etymology, a positive precursor meaning, a touch of mystery, a sweet smell of delicacy and, of course, a French inner sense of chic. I also needed a ‘Y’ and a ‘K’; 2 rare and complex letters that I  particularly affectionate for as they start & end my  first & last names.” – Audrey KABLA

Epykomène is a Brand creation derived from ancient Greek, “epikomen” or “epikomion”,
which means “what comes next“, the near future.
Hebrews used it under the term of “aphikomen” to name the last piece of azyme bread given
during Passover celebrations: A symbol of happiness and prosperity.
Last but not least, in ancient Rome, the word “epykomen” described the last dish
served during the long meals, the dessert.

Brand DNA

Faithful to its origins, our agency reflects the personality of the talents that make up Epykomene:

  • Avant-gardist & ambitious
  • Chic & creative: as a refined yet surprising dessert perfectly ends a romantic dinner
  • A timeless & nomadic lucky charm – its success is linked to its clients.