When two Arts meets : Rodin and the dance at Rodin’s Museum in Paris

The exhibition “Rodin et la danse” recounts an artistic encounter imbued with freedom and grace. With the famous series of Dance Movements presented for the first time to the public, the art of the sculptor continues to fascinate with its modernity and its unvarnished steps. Sensitivity and reflection are in the […]

The “Marque & Luxe” is celebrating its first anniversary!

A year ago, was the launch of the first book written by Audrey Kabla and published by les Editions KAWA in France.

“Marque & Luxe” talks about the philosophical, psychological & spiritual approach of Luxury & Luxury Brands. We discover there the YUXA concept which allies the precepts of Yoga with […]

Christian Dior exhibition in Paris – when a dream comes true

I had the best moment ever with my best friend walking in le Musee des Arts Décoratifs de Paris and discovering the exhibition called Christian Dior, Couturier de rêves. Highly recommended to visit before it ends!

A fabulous moment at Imagine Van Gogh Exhibition

I had the pleasure to visit the exhibition with Lori Zimmer & Logan Hicks end of August in Paris. What a fabulous moment we had, laying down on the floor, relaxing while enjoying music & art. A perfect tribute to Van Gogh art collection.

La Mamounia, an eternal Palace in Marrakech!

La Mamounia Hotel, Marrakech, Morocco. Photo by Alan Keohane www.still-images.net for La Mamounia

“La Mamounia” Palace was created in 1923. With an architecture and decoration inspired by the Moorish tradition, La Mamounia has attracted a large number of historical figures and celebrities who […]

Galénic, creator of Exceptional & Luxury formulations

Prestigious beauty brand, Epykomene Agency had the chance to discover Galénic more in details a few weeks ago and that’s why we wanted to talk about it!

At the origin, Mr Pierre Fabre, a famous and visionary pharmacist and […]

Discover a haven of piece in the heart of Aveyron!

In Aveyron (south of France), we can find a incredible and unique place: Chateau Longcol. This restaurant-hotel overlook the Aveyron valley. A breathtaking view which allow you to disconnect from your daily routine!
This place is the perfect alliance between nature, charm and pleasure of life.

Chateau Longcol offer you an amazing infinity pool […]

Royal Mansour Marrakech: some secrets are for whispering

Le Royal Mansour revives the essence of Marrakech: the original city. When building Royal Mansour Marrakech, the owner wanted it to emulate the radiant Moroccan lifestyle and be a testimony to Moroccan architecture and craftsmanship. This is evident throughout the hotel. His wish was to offer guests unparalleled experiences of wonder and emotion, thus […]

Escape for dinner at the Jules Verne

Enjoy a dinner experience at Jules Verne parisian restaurant…

jules vernes-paris-tour eiffel-epyblog-epykomène

A dinner at the Jules Verne gastronomic restaurant is a rare experience, a step outside of time and space… Jules Verne is located at the heart of a […]

Rami Al Ali, a Syrian couturier

Born in Deir ez-Zor, Syria, Rami Al Ali‘s passion for fashion and refined aesthetics began from his earliest age. Inspired by the freedom of expression in fashion area, Al Ali’s decided to design and produce a fashion show for his final graduation project, which impressed a lot his professors, because the syrian couturier made a […]

Pioneers of women’s emancipation : Chanel, but not only!

Gabrielle Chanel is considered as the most famous female designer in Haute Couture. Nevertheless, in the late 1920s, another designer was as much famous and admired by the society. Her name? Elsa Schiaparelli. For over a quarter century, Gabrielle Chanel and Elsa Schiaparelli fought a fierce competition for the title of queen of […]

Rime Arodaky: Luxury wedding dresses new age

Rime Arodaky has imposed its name in the world of wedding dress. With its bohemian and rock creations, it is part of this new generation that helps put the “yes” to date.

  créatrice-rime arodaky-mariage-epyblog-epykomène

Rime Arodaky was graduated from […]

Hotel Sezz Luxury & Design in Saint Tropez

The Sezz Saint-Tropez is a five stars boutique hotel, combining luxurious and modern space with the charm of South of France, far the turmoil of St Tropez city.

This hotel is composed of 37 luxurious bedrooms give onto quiet grounds and the 25 meter pool surrounded by olive, pine and palm trees, giving the feeling […]

Maison Corthay, The Finest Shoes

Contemporary Shoemaker: two words which define the exceptional craft skills stem from the mentoring and modern bias House Corthay. From the traditional to the unique mounting Goodyear customization of the shoe, the ready-to-wear shoes collection is made entirely in France.


corthay-maison corthay-shoes-epyblog-epykomène

Stella d’Oro restaurant: made in Corsica

The Stella d’Oro restaurant is located in the Citadel of Bonifacio in Corsica.

Stella D'oro Corsica

It was in 1965 that was created Stella D’Oro restaurant, known for its famous specialties that can be enjoyed today.
The secret of their recipes is transmitted […]

Beneteau, a French sail and motor boat manufacturer

Beneteau was created in 1884 by Benjamin Bénéteau to build sailing trawlers. In the mid sixties Benjamin’s grandchildren Annette Bénéteau Roux and her brother André Bénéteau introduced a line of fiberglass boats.

BENETEAU SENSE 50 OE 3-boat-epyblog-epykomène

The […]

The Sonnerie Westminster Carillon: the quintessence of watchmaking complications

The prestigious Ulysse Nardin House occupies a distinguished place in the history of striking watches. In 1893 at the Universal Exhibition of Chicago, she was the only one to win a gold medal for his chronograph with minute repeater. A century later, it is also among the first to revive the tradition […]

Photography exhibition : “Man with Hat” by Amaury Brac de la Perrière

Amaury Brac de la Perrière, a passionate french photographer has its own photography exhibition at the International Airport of Saint Tropez.

From April to October 2016, you could discover an attractive selection of photography in this place, from the series named “Man Whit Hat“.

The exhibition is free and open to all that […]

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