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Cinabre is a franco-Swedish luxury accessories brand

Cinabre is based in Paris. It is for men and women. You will find nodes, ties, Buttonholes, scarves, pockets, belts, gloves. And it only takes a day to be delivered. We think the different colors and fabrics look chic and sophisticated!

Alexandre Chapellier, the creator furrowed the country to gather the last luxury crafts people : weaver, furrier, leather goods company. And this is what makes it so special


Fancy a “French Décorateur”?

French is always considered as the top of “chic” when it comes to Fashion. But did you know that it was also the case for interior design?


France has the oldest and the strongest interior design tradition. For centuries, and since the oldest monarchies, French decoration has been considered as the symbol of elegance and luxury. More than trends, it is a cultural heritage.

             frenchbathroom lecorbusier  Damien Langlois Meurine

Nowadays, the French reputation carries on. The symbol of interior elegance is now embodied by designers. International Jet set fight over French artists such as Pierre-Yves Rochon, Sybille de Margerie or Jacques Grange. In all the biggest cities of the world such as New-York, Hong-Kong, or Abu Dhabi, we are looking for the perfection of the French Touch. Simplicity inside Modernity, and Luxury through sobriety, this is French design paradox. Beyond beauty, it’s the French way of life that is exported on the international scene.

             french french deco Barbara Fink

France still has the first rank in terms of design and it will probably continue for decades.

Coca Cola & designers collaboration, a Luxury love story

For a few years now, Coca Cola collaborates with fashion & Haute Couture designers to dress its bottle in a fashion way.

Coca Cola - Epykomene - Luxury - Agence marketing Luxe - Savoir Faire français

Coca Cola succeeded to appeal the most talented artistic directors of the bigger fashion & Haute Couture Maisons. They participated in the game and designed the most famous bottle worldwide according to their artistic inspirations with humour, elegance & chic. The Coca Cola Light bottle had never been so Luxurious !

I will refresh your memory. In 2008, it is Sonia Rykiel who customized the bottle with black, orange, yellow and pink stripes, symbol of the Maison.

Sonia Rykiel Coca - Epykomene - Luxury - Marketing - Agence Marketing de Luxe - Savoir-faire

In 2011, it is the turn of Karl Lagerfeld to assure this Luxury transformation. This is, by the way, his second collaboration with the brand.

Karl lagerfeld coca

Jean Paul Gaultier is indisputably THE Coca Cola designer with its three collaborations to his credit. We love those designs below that recalls perfectly the Jean Paul Gaultier universe with the marinière and the woman corset…

Jean Paul Gaulthier

Of course, there were others numerous collaborations with Roberto Cavali, Marni, Missoni, Moschino, Versace, Alberta Ferreti, BlueMarine, Fendi etc.

The latest one who collaborated with Coca Cola was the famous american designer – and sexy – Marc Jacobs. Its designs are funny, of-the-wall & commited : he wanted to pay tribute to women emancipation through the 80s, 90s & 2000s…

Marc Jacobs Coca

Marc Jacobs Coca Cola - Epykomene - Luxury - Marketing - Agence Marketing de Luxe - Savoir-faire

When we see all that wonderful and classy bottles, we don’t want to open it ! It becomes a real piece of art…


Artistic Creations of 19th Century: Marc Maison – Paris


When we have just stepped into the Marc Maison in the Biennale des Antiquaires in Grand Palais, we immediately amazed by  the presented interior design objects.

Marc Maison offers you very artistic furnitures and objects from the 19th century.


Daisy & Marc Maison, the founders of Marc Maison are specialized in French garden antiques and monumental architectural items and have gathered one of the most extensive collections of antique French fireplace mantels, fireplace surrounds and firebacks.

Any of these arty objects are able to change the ambiance of your house with the touch of history.

If you have a passion for authentic architectural antiques and like to breath history, you should visit Marc Maison Gallery.

Galerie Marc Maison 
Opening Hours
Tuesday to Saturday 14:00-19:00 & by appointment

7 Quai Voltaire
75007 Paris


Ayca Demirhan Ozkan

Ronaldo Fraga, Fashion from Brazil alluring unique

What makes the fashion designer Ronaldo Fraga as one of the most alluring fashion designers currently working in Brazil is his unique capacity to engender narratives and tell stories through the elaborate garments, looks and runway shows that he constructs every season. However, that is precisely and the main flaw that makes Fraga’s work simultaneously and paradoxically inscrutable.

ronaldo fraga - fashion - Brazil - Epykomene - Agency - Luxury - Marketing - Paris - Savoir Faire

If for Autumn/Winter 2013 Fraga had invested in the process of story-telling as a trope (quite literally with texts from novels inscribed in the fabrics used in his garments), for Spring/Summer 2014, he found inspiration in the history of Brazilian football and its nostalgic imagery. In a runway set as a football field, with makeshift goal posts made from bamboo, models sported an array of garments that quite literally illustrated a form of football povero: baggy clothes made from plastic and metallic fibres were printed with wide brushstrokes of bright colours (that contrasted against whites) to invoke a rudimentary and popular perception of football, and hexagonal shapes (inspired by the actual leather pieces that make up a football) were used to create patterns.

ronaldo fraga - fashion - Brazil - Epykomene - Agency - Luxury - Marketing - Paris - Savoir Faire

ronaldo fraga - fashion - Brazil - Epykomene - Agency - Luxury - Marketing - Paris - Savoir Faire


As Fraga himself explained, “I am overwhelmed by the passionate and romantic soccer of the 30s, 40s and 50s, by the soccer played on grassless fields and their handmade uniforms, by bold colours and graphic stripes, and by particular stories that illustrate a time when soccer in Brazil was synonymous with passion, art and magic.” If this inspiration that lead to the development of the conceptual process could have been interesting and rewarding from a metonymic and therefore suggestive point of view, Ronaldo Fraga’s latest collection suffered from adopting the concept to a very literal interpretation.


ronaldo fraga - fashion - Brazil - Epykomene - Agency - Luxury - Marketing - Paris - Savoir Faireronaldo fraga - fashion - Brazil - Epykomene - Agency - Luxury - Marketing - Paris - Savoir Faire


Click here to visit Ronaldo Fraga website

Jessica Zuretti

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