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2014, the “Year of the Woman” for Richard Mille

2014 was  the “Year of the Woman” for Richard Mille. The luxury brand presented a series of timepieces that play subtly with the three dimensionality of his watches, the combination of different materials that is one of his signatures and a more discreet technicality.

The RM 19-01 Natalie Portman Tourbillon by Richard Mille

rm-19-01-natalie-portman_three-richard mille

The RM 07-01 Ladies Automatic by Richard Mille

rm-07-01_lady automatic

The RM 037 Ladies Automatic by Richard Mille


The flagship piece in this feminine collection is without doubt the Tourbillon RM 51-01 Tiger and dragon. Richard Mille’s collaborate with the famous Malaysian actress Michelle Yeoh to create this exclusif timepiece.

They developed the concept of forms and shapes integrated within the watch’s movement, with a visual scene centered on the symbolic themes of the Tiger and the Dragon, with a tiger and a dragon clutching the tourbillon movement.

Why ‘Tiger and Dragon” ? They have deeply influenced Asian culture. The Tiger, considered as ‘Yang’ supremacy, therefore male, was viewed as a demon hunter. For the military, the tiger, symbol of courage, was represented on shields and weapons. The dragon, meanwhile, is a very common symbol in China, taking on many complex traits, as an emblem that can unify a group, or a larger nation. Today we closely associate it with prosperity and happiness.

A limited edition of 20 pieces in 18-carat white or red gold.The timepiece has a power reserve of 48 hours, indicated by a red line between 10 and 11 o’clock, the grade 5 titanium movement includes a torque limiting crown to protect the watch from possible overwinding.

RM-51-01-Tiger-and-Dragon-Michelle-Yeoh RM-51-01-Tiger-and-Dragon-Michelle-Yeoh-Richard Mille

We invite you to visit Richard Mille’s website

amy blog

Fancy a “French Décorateur”?

French is always considered as the top of “chic” when it comes to Fashion. But did you know that it was also the case for interior design?


France has the oldest and the strongest interior design tradition. For centuries, and since the oldest monarchies, French decoration has been considered as the symbol of elegance and luxury. More than trends, it is a cultural heritage.

             frenchbathroom lecorbusier  Damien Langlois Meurine

Nowadays, the French reputation carries on. The symbol of interior elegance is now embodied by designers. International Jet set fight over French artists such as Pierre-Yves Rochon, Sybille de Margerie or Jacques Grange. In all the biggest cities of the world such as New-York, Hong-Kong, or Abu Dhabi, we are looking for the perfection of the French Touch. Simplicity inside Modernity, and Luxury through sobriety, this is French design paradox. Beyond beauty, it’s the French way of life that is exported on the international scene.

             french french deco Barbara Fink

France still has the first rank in terms of design and it will probably continue for decades.

Tommy Mitchell, a designer of craft floral creations in precious metals

When Epykomène was in New-York City, at the NY NOW fair, it discover an original brand, Tommy Mitchell.

Originally, Tommy Mitchell was an artistic restorer. One day, he was interested by metal sculpture and he began to create his own floral pieces for a small group op persons, familiar with his work. People liked his creations and he became to be famous in the design sector.

Tommy Mitchell NY NOW 1

Tommy Mitchell has a team of artisans and he work many precious metals like copper, brass, steel, paint and also gold leaf. He is inspired by nature, and each piece represent a lot of worktime. He create furnitures, lighting and decoration wall.

Each piece is unique, handmade and signed by Tommy Mitchell.


Discover Tommy Mitchell‘s creations :


Tommy Mitchell NY NOW

By Bénédicte Le Bihan Bénédicte-Epykomène-Epyblog

Merci, the generous concept store in Paris

Merci concept store have been created in 2009 at he heart of the historic Haut-Marais district by Bernard and Marie-France Cohen, who are the founders of BONPOINT, the well known brand for kids.

Merci Concept Store - Paris - epykomene - Luxury - Luxe - Paris - Savoir faire - Agence - Marketing

They had the intuition that a place gathering the best of fashion, design & items for home was missing. Moreover, Merci Concept Store is is a platform that reveals & launches new young designers and creators that is a real springboard for them because they could be known with a lot of clients & international personalities who visit Merci.

Merci Concept Store - Paris - epykomene - Luxury - Luxe - Paris - Savoir faire - Agence - Marketing

But Merci is not like the other concept store. Its founders decided that the fruit of this investment fuels to supply an endowment fund to finance education & development projects in the southwest of Madagascar. They just wanted to say thank you to life, to talented people and designers, the ones who are contributing to the success of Merci.

Merci Concept Store - Paris - epykomene - Luxury - Luxe - Paris - Savoir faire - Agence - Marketing

Merci is set up in a majestic loft where you can walk as if you were in a house offering you everything you want: clothes, accessories, design items for your home…  The most big designers and brands gathered around the concept: Stella Mc Cartney, Yves Saint Laurent that are very generous: they gave up their sales margin to support the Merci project. So, you can buy products with 30% off for your pleasure… and others’ happiness.

Merci Concept Store - Paris - epykomene - Luxury - Luxe - Paris - Savoir faire - Agence - Marketing

Click here to go to Merci website


The watchmaking house Girard Perregaux reveals The Chamber of Wonders…

For the launch of the new “Métier d’Art” collection, Girard Perregaux renews with the famous Cabinets of Curiosities and The Chamber of Wonders whicas in Renaissance Europe the ancestor of museums.

Cabinet of Curiosities

Through this new collection Girard Perregaux lets us dream and travel in our own imaginary thanks to the incredible house’s know-how and the Epykomene Agency had the huge pleasure to discover it in exclusiveness at Baselworld 2015.
Let me introduce the collection which is composed by three timepieces which are the perfect symbols the handicraft and fineness.

Girard Perregaux - Chamber of Wonders

The first Chamber of Wonders represents the Arab World. The dial is composed by stones and paryrus.

 image4 Girard Perregaux- Chamber of Wonders

The second Chamber of Wonders is the reinterpretation of the Asian World. The dial in made with white jades and Indian ink.

Girard Perregaux -Chamber of Wonders

The last Chamber of Wonders represents the New Wolrd. The dial is the result of stone marquetery ornamented by hand painting which lets us discover the Magellan ship… That lets us dream !

 Girard Perregaux -Chamber of WondersGirard Perregaux -Chamber of Wonders


Check Girard Perregaux website!

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