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Dynamic and elegant finish for the Brabus SV12

What if I told you that two noble German factories teamed up to create and manufacture the most extravagant and spectacular high security safe? That is what BRABUS and Stockinger did!

Featuring sleek luxury in design and polished perfection in technology, this safe is specially created for the most demanding jewelry and watch collectors.
The safe BRABUS SV12 combines elements of sporty luxury with security in visual, functional and technological perfection to attract a special range of clients who seek the extraordinary.

With this co-branding the BRABUS SV12 exemplifies a singular level of commitment to engineering and craftsmanship.

Stockinger-Brabus-safe 3


Stockinger-Brabus-safe 2

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Gottex, the iconic & glamourous swimwear

Gottex,  has been created in 1956 and since the beginning, it is a glamourous, fashionable and a high quality brand. The brand is a Luxury swimwear brand based on Tel Aviv and considered as “swimwear haute couture”.

Gottex - swimwear - trend - epykomene - luxury - agence marketing de luxe

It had always known how to follow the trend.It is not surprising because the brand gots everything : wonderful designs, perfect cut & elegance.

Gottex - swimwear - trend - epykomene - luxury - agence marketing de luxe

At Epykomène, we love colors & patterns used that make swimsuits very original and trendy ! You can be sure that you will be very glamourous on the beach this summer and that you will made some jealous 😉

Gottex - swimwear - trend - epykomene - luxury - agence marketing de luxeGottex - swimwear - trend - epykomene - luxury - agence marketing de luxe

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Nick Fouquet: luxury hat maker in California

Nick Fouquet is a Hat Maker based out of Venice Beach, California. Nick Fouquet is also known as The Hat Maker because he realizes entirely by hand, his hats for men or women. Among its customers, it has celebrities like Pharrell Williams, Madonna, Jared Leno and others.

Nick Fouquet

Nick Fouquet


Nick Fouquet meets with clients to create their vision of what a perfect hat for them would be. Because it’s such a custom experience, it’s an investment (base prices range from $400 – $800), but one that will become a treasured heirloom, meant to be passed along for generations.

Nick Fouquet“It’s a very personal process,” says Fouquet, “You get to know the person, and then It’s ALL about the details.” Meaning once you measure the client’s head and that technical part is done, it’s about collaborating together to create a hat that expresses that individual’s personal aesthetic.







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