Aberlour distillery is an amazing experience to live around the theme of wood influence and virtues in the elaboration of Single Malts Aberlour and in gourmet cuisine, in Paris Polo Club.


Very close to the bois de Boulogne, you enter into another world, Paris Polo Club. You will travel during the tasting of the diner with many wonderful savours. It is perfectly directed by the chef Emmanuel Renault, the best skilled worker in 2004 and three times stared chef at Flocons de Sel in Megeve. This chef is passionate by hunting, and is known for cooking game very well.

With an Aberlour ambassador, you will discover all the Single Malts nuance that go with this diner with a woody touch. This wood has a very important role in Aberlour’s Single Malts elaboration and maturation. That is the reason why wood is honored during the whole dinner.

Aberlour whiskys are different from others thanks to their maturation. Indeed, there are the result of a meticulous maturation mixture in barrels of Sherry and in barrels of Bourbon. In 2013, distillery won 13 medals including 7 golden ones to reward theunique and authentic nature of this know-how since 1879.

On this occasion, the Master Distiller, thanks to his experience offers you to discover 4 exceptional whiskys, only aged in Sherry barrels.

These four Single Malts are gathered in a splendid casket inspired by the hunter’s pouch only created by craftsman. The Aberlour Wood Essence casket connects wood nobility with the elegance of leather. This on demand accessory has been tought to underline wood and its virtues. This splendid pouch is produced in limited number.

Aberlour’s Hunting Club will permit you to participate to this dinner!