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The “Marque & Luxe” is celebrating its first anniversary!

A year ago, was the launch of the first book written by Audrey Kabla and published by les Editions KAWA in France. "Marque & Luxe" talks about the philosophical, psychological & spiritual approach of Luxury & Luxury Brands. We discover there the YUXA concept which allies the precepts of Yoga with Luxury marketing strategies. Discover [...]

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A fabulous moment at Imagine Van Gogh Exhibition

I had the pleasure to visit the exhibition with Lori Zimmer & Logan Hicks end of August in Paris. What a fabulous moment we had, laying down on the floor, relaxing while enjoying music & art. A perfect tribute to Van Gogh art collection.

2019-10-02T07:49:33+00:00October 10th, 2017|

Epykomène @ 2017 Project NYC

It was a pleasure to discover the Vintage part of NY NOW fair. Chanel, Christian Dior, Saint Laurent Rives Gauche couture pieces were an incredible treasury to find at NY Now fair this year

2019-10-02T07:53:41+00:00September 28th, 2017|

Sparks & Honey, the NYC agency based on cultural intelligence

About Trish Rubin I met Trish Rubin last month in New York. Amazing marketer, professor & writer, she has just published Brand Ed  and she works closely with Sparks & Honey and brought me to my first live briefing there!   What is Sparks & Honey doing exactly? It's an agency based in NYC that offers trends forecasting [...]

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Epykomène @ 2017 NY NOW fair

Each summer, Epykomene visits NY NOW at lifestyle, design & fashion fair that highlights craftsmanship & sustainable development. And we love it! This year, we had te pleasure to meet again with brands we adore such as Jonathan Adler and Fornasetti. And we met new ones we like a lot such as Loopy Mango! [...]

2019-10-02T07:56:32+00:00September 19th, 2017|

“The perceptions of Luxury” introduced by Audrey Kabla

  Founder of Epykomene agency, Audrey Kabla spends several months each year enjoying the beauty of the US and more particularly NYC, Chicago and Los Angeles. Last August 2nd, she was invited to hold her first public talk about the Perceptions of Luxury at Beautique Dining. Audrey Kabla introduced the precepts of YUXA (Yoga + [...]

2019-10-02T08:01:10+00:00September 7th, 2017|

What if we made a change?

Changes are good & necessary, that is what we often say. Yet sometimes, once we remained in the same position for the long, the mouvement appears scary, difficult and obviously unsettling. It remains necessary. And this has been what I have been through for the past couple months with the blog of Epykomène.     [...]

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Help us shape the future of our Luxury blog

 Bonjour from New York, I hope your day is going well! I am rebranding the blog of Epykomene. 6,5 years later & 1416 posts written, I need your help to shape the future of it. Please take 30 seconds to answer to this 3 questions. We need your help on make the blog of Epykomene [...]

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Epykomene 2017 summer in NYC

Hello dear Luxury lovers! It's been several years now that I spend at least 4 months a year in the US and until 2017, the majority of my time was spent in NYC. This year however, I decided to share it between Los Angeles & New York. But NYC please believe I still love you [...]

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Perceptions of Luxury with Audrey Kabla @ Boutique – August 2nd 2017

RSVP NOW for free Wednesday August 2nd, Audrey Kabla will have the pleasure to give her first public talk in NYC about the perceptions of Luxury! Come join us for this special evening. Inspired by the philosophical, psychological & spiritual approach of "Marque & Luxe" expliqué à mon boss, this conference will reveal the secret [...]

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