We have often been asked what a Luxury Brand is. We have also seen a lot of B2B CEO/ Founders getting very careful when we are talking about their company being a Brand and more specifically being a Luxury one. Today, we want to discuss about the main facets of a Luxury Brand and see how it can fit B2B companies.

First all off, what is Luxury?

It is wise to say that there is no ONE Luxury but several ones… actually to be more precise, we think there are as many Luxury visions as there are of human beings on earth. In fact, Luxury inner characteristics of aesthetics & value (price & availability) are  100% subjective. We have our own vision of Luxury, which evolves through time as we evolve through time ourselves.

However here are common values about Luxury that distinguishes it and all Luxury Brands from the rest. Luxury is pleasure, dream & emotion. Also, there are no needs in Luxury only desires that can be fulfilled.

Luxury is a:

A STATE OF MIND: anyone who is consuming Luxury was looking for it on a purpose. Only seekers of the BEST find and use Luxury. There should be a will to access to a higher product, a higher service, a unique experience.

A CULTURE: To buy Luxury but also to work or collaborate with a Luxury Brand is a culture. You need to be aware of it to consider it. Luxury is cultural. Depending on your culture, your vision of Luxury can change. The right question is then: does Luxury change faces while it travels through the world? Or do we just see it and its use differently?

A LEGACY: Luxury is timeless and sustainable. Luxury takes time and time is Luxury. The time to create, search the best materials, the time for the craftsman to produce, the time to control the product by the hand as well. Luxury is also the time you spend aspiring to get a product or living a tremendous experience that you will keep with you, close to your heart, for the rest of your life. The time you wait to access to it that enriches you as well. Finally, Luxury is the timeless aesthetic design and higher imperfect (human) quality you access to when you invest in a Luxury product… A piece of Art that is unique and that you will transmit to your daughter/son for generations.

To sum up, Luxury can be defined as a prestigious dream, a creative influence and an exclusive quality.

Lemarié couture - b2b luxury - epykomene 1

Can B2B companies do Luxury?

There is no hesitation on the answer: YES of course!

In order to be called Luxury, a company should follow some rules, known as the “Luxury codes”, in term of production & sales.

Quality: craftsmanship, best materials, detailed finishing, quality control.

Made in: heritage, an object or a service produced in a country respectful with human rights & international business rules (sustainable Luxury), but also a country that is renown for its know-how and its craftsmanship.

Personalization: creativity & avant-gardism, product optimization, ultra-customization for the client.

Rarity: Exclusivity, custom built, limited edition, production based on the order.

Service: client experience in the point of sales with emotional merchandising, excellence in greeting protocol, personalization of the service (know the client names, preferences), follow the “never say no to a client” rule.

The Haute Couture and the Couture field, for example, have many suppliers that are Luxury houses. Among them, we can name LeMarié, Plumassier (feather ornments on garments) as well as La Maison Lesage for embroideries on Haute Couture garments.

Lemarié couture - b2b luxury - epykomene 4  maison lesage - b2b luxury - epykomene 5

Those 2 houses are B2B companies that work with the most renown Haute Couture Houses such as Christian Dior or Chanel (Lesage was acquired by Chanel few years ago).

maison lesage - b2b luxury - epykomene 6  Lemarié couture - b2b luxury - epykomene

Both la Maison Lesage et la Maison LeMarié contribute in the prestige the Haute Couture field and their clients reputation.

They have become economic & cultural icons in the Haute Couture and Couture fields as they embody dream and emotion via their history, their know-how and values.

In the watchmaking industry, we also have B2B Brands that are positioned Luxury such as La Manufacture Vaucher which produces mechanical movements for several iconic B2C Brands such as Hermes, Richard Mille & Corum.

vaucher horlogerie - b2b luxury - epykomene 1  vaucher hermes horlogerie - b2b luxury - epykomene

Watchmaking connoisseurs; both professional of the sector but also clients, know Vaucher and its know-how. This reputation of niche & prestigious movement maker, has a very positive impact on the collaboration with their clients we just names above.

Audrey Kabla

Audrey Kabla Founder of Epykomène