What cybercommerce and marketing strategies are adapted for luxury brands ?

How are luxury brands introduced online? What are the risks and opportunities of online salse for luxury brands? Who buyes luxury products online ? What are the online community’s motivations and obstacles to buy luxury products online.

Luxury clients are on internet, they are confident with buying product online and there is an expansion of luxury online. We talk about a trading-up phenomenon which corresponds to a massification of luxury.
Many luxury houses wonder about the role of internet in their distribution strategy.

Yesterday, communication was one-sided and controlled whereas today, everybody can participate to a brand communication, and luxury houses can lose the control. Nowadays, what cibernautes think has more impact than what brands think.

Sales online is an opportunity for luxury houses because they can reach new clients, it is one more way to sell their products without paying to much, it is a way to upgrade their image. However, internet is not the best way to rewrite emotion, brands needs to obe capable to answer to a srong demand and assistance must be missed.