This new target shakes up the luxury tourism industry. The Millennials show a change in their attitude; in deed, they are more informed, more affluent and more used to travel.
Luxury hotels symbolize a desire for Generation Y. First of all, they want to be listening to by the hotel staff while remaining as unobtrusive as possible.

Then, millenials change their attitude toward wealth, contrary to previous generations, they don’t want to expose their money. So they don’t consider the five star hotels as the only option. Moreover, this generation appreciates unique and personalized experiences and more than luxury products themselves. They are looking for hotels that stand out from others in style, design and service. There is no place for standard Luxury. It is for this reason that the boutique hotels and some less traditional types of accommodation such as rental apartments or houses are gaining in importance with the new Luxury clients.

Gen Y & Luxury Hospitality

Travelers expect brands to open their doors to a new world, made multiple extraordinary experiences. For example, Global Hotel Alliance offers to its loyal customers nearly a thousand unique local experiences, such as face-to-face with pandas or camel trekking on a beach in Australia.

The Generation Y is always on the lookout for the latest technological innovations. That’s why Luxury hotels should expand its offers. For example, Virgin hotels had developped a mobile application called “Lucy. It allows guests to adjust the ambient temperature of the room, personal content broadcast on television, turn a smartphone into a remote control …. and much more.
Moreover, a joint report from the International Luxury Travel Market (ILTM) & Brand Karma highlights that the behavior of luxury travelers – especially how purchasing decisions are influenced – are now redefined by Generation Y, which are looking for “Instagrammable”, visual & unique experiences and that will generate a buzz among their social networks.
Many accommodations are using social media strategies, but only the hotel 1888 in Sydney, Australia, has been designed in every detail to satisfy the users of Instagram, the photo sharing website and video . The decor has been created to be as “photogenic” as possible. In the lobby, a Selfie space allows customers to take pictures of themselves, and make them instantly appear on the screens located near the reception, accompanied by the hashtag #1888. In addition, any person reaching over 30K can REDEEM A FREE NIGHT stay at the hotel by simply emailing their request to

The luxury hospitality market have to take this modifications into consideration and understand that experiences, loyalty, social partnerships and networks are the keywords of the new luxury market. Will you take advantage?


Chloé Gosselin