Epykomène is the House of Luxury marketing since 2010.
Located in Paris and as an official French certified organism,
Epykomène offers consulting and professional trainings all around the world.

Epykomene References and Clients

Among our references, we are proud to name some (50+): Gucci, Christian Dior, Beneteau Group,  Hilton, Timex Group, Parnasse, Orange Group, Olympus, French Deal, Lilly Pulitzer, 3i3s, Lery Paris, Popup Paris, Roze Collection, Tailleur Premium, Phenix Influence, VAE Les 2 Rives, Serge Pariente, Mon Petit Jama, Dentelles & Macarons, Shamaz, Swiss Time, Contrejour Paris, Kamila Hotel Group, Chef Alain Temin, Hawke & Co, 3i3s 

For our trainings, conferences & lectures, we regularly collaborate with several prestigious Brands & museums such as Plaza Athénée, le Meurice, le Royal Monceau, le Musée Yves Saint Laurent Pierre Bergé, l’Opéra Garnier, le Grand Palais, le Musée Galliera, le Musée d’Orsay, la Fondation Cartier, la Maison Hermès, la Fondation Louis Vuitton, La Maison Azzedine Alaia, le Musée Breguet, la Maison Richard Mille, Baselworld, Who’s next, SIHH, JCK Show, Curve fair etc.


Epykomene is a Brand booster.

Creator of the Brand Bible® concept since 2011, our agency provides Brands’ platforms, trends forecasting, market analysis but also marketing plans and business models creation. 

Your Brand is the most precious element of your company. You should contact us for any of the following projects:

  • Brand architecture and the creation of daughter brands (new brands, sub-brands)
  • Brand elevation – positioning your brand in the fields of luxury, arts and fashion
  • Implementation of your business on the French market
  • Capitalizing on your Brand image and grow your Brand value as a financial asset
  • Studying new social trends that can be cultural, psychological, economical etc.

Written Report And Oral Presentation

Strengthen Your Brand Image With Authenticity

Create Your Brand Romance And Storytelling


Epykomène is a French official training organization.

Epykomene offers fully customized in-house trainings in English, French and Spanish. Your training with us will help you:

  • Grow your sales
  • Develop your Brand image
  • Implement a strong positioning
  • Attract and recruit the millennial clientele (Y and Z generations)
  • Use the powerful Luxury codes

Our agency is registered by the DIRECCTE, regional control service of Ile de France, under the activity number #11755391375.

Financing, conditions & rights to training: All our trainings can be endorsed by training budget and are part of the Compte Professionnel de Formation (CPF). The CPF allows each employee or entrepreneur to accumulate 20 hours of training per year up to a maximum of 120 hours (subject to seniority). For Individuals, training can be provided by organizations in the framework of professional reconversion (OPCA and Pôle Emploi). These rules only apply in France. We will be delighted to work by your country rules if needed. For individuals, training can also be subsidised by organisations as part of professional retraining (OPCA, OPCALIA and Pôle Emploi). All these rules are applicable on French territory.

The number of clients we have had since 2010
The number of people trained by us worldwide
The satisfaction rate of our clients
“There, all is orderand beauty, luxury, peace and pleasure” Baudelaire


Born in 2010, in the heart of Paris, Epykomene is a boutique agency aiming for excellence and passion. 

The etymology of Epykomene, comes from ancient grec “Epikomon” [ἐπὶ κῶμον] originally meaning entertainment but also dessert, the last plate served during the endless meals. The Hebrew used it as “Afikomen” [אֲפִיקוֹמָן] to name the last piece of azyme bread you should keep or eat to bring health and abundance into your life during passover holidays. 

As the human notions of Luxury, Epykomene reveals many different meaning also close to the human heart which are future, happiness and prosperity.


Co-founder and managing partner

Audrey is an expert in Luxury Brand specialist. After working in the fields of hospitality, couture and watchmaking from 2002 to 2010, she co-founds Epykomene agency and starts en entrepreneurial journey. 

Audrey Kabla is an author. In November 2016, Audrey publishes her first book “Marque & Luxe” expliqué à mon boss published by Editions KAWA. This first book, a strategic yet fictionalized work, draws a philosophical, psychological and spiritual approach of Luxury from its original state to the business field we know today. Audrey Kabla unveils, in an interactive, fun and poetic way, the concept of Brand management with and for “Millennial” eyes, in search of pleasure, authenticity & “zen’attitude”.

Since 2011, Audrey Kabla is also a public speaker for many different events such as conferences and panels. She had the pleasure to lecture and teach at the following universities and business schools worldwide: The Fashion Institute of Technology, NYU, LIM, Brooklyn College, Jacksonville University, Monmouth College, Bekeley College (NYC), Sup de Pub, INSEEC Group, ESG MBA, PSB Group, ESMOD – ISEM, Isefac Bachelor, IONIS Group, ESLSCA, ModSpe, Pantheon La Sorbonne University, Paris Dauphine University, ICN Nancy, Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences, Sichuan Agricultural University.



“We are what we do repeatedly. Excellence is not an action but a habit.” Aristote


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