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Epykomene invites you to discover and master the steps that make up the creation or renewal of the romance of your brand, the pillar of legitimacy in luxury and the promotional tools that flow from it. Brand management, operational marketing and communication are addressed during this training with knowledge and an effective methodology, pointed and 100% Luxury.

Objectives & missions
  • Understand the psychological and philosophical value of Luxury and Brand
  • Master the notions of Brand romance and storytelling
  • Increase your marketing culture, Luxury and “Marquienne”
  • Become aware of the search for authenticity within the Brand image by the Y and Z generations
  • Strengthen your knowledge of Luxury Codes, awaken marketing and commercial ideas to develop, create or refresh your Brand romance with the YUXA methodology
Practical information
Audience Type of trainings Languages Short format  Suggested format 
Brand & individual
marketers, executive committees, entrepreneurs
conference or grande-mesure french / english 1/2 day

3 days

Expected results
  • Be resourced strategically and creatively
  • Give new directions and create new actions to its brand
  • Project a unique, consistent and impactful image of its Brand on its market
Teaching resources and technical tools included
  • Welcome guide & little booklet for taking notes,
  • Powerpoint presentation (projector, speakers, Mac adapter and flipchart required),
  • Practical cases,
  • Workshops and role plays,
  • A little surprise at the end of the day.
Speaker and animation

Audrey Kabla, an expert in Luxury Goods and Brand Management, fully thought about and built this training.

Organization of the training

40% of the seminar is theoretical. The rest of the time is spent working on your Brand through workshops, discussions, brainstorming and strategic planning methodology. The trainees are given a home guide summarizing the day and a small booklet for taking notes. Within 48 hours after each training, they will then receive a short summary of the key points of the seminar by email. Please ask trainees to bring their computers for all 1-3 day training sessions.

Epykomene proposes you to concoct for your Brand and your teams, a training 100% personalized according to your needs and your expectations. The strategic analysis of your request, as well as that of your Brand against customers and market trends is included in this offer as well as the creation of a unique presentation tool and workshops dedicated to your House and its collaborators.

Epykomene also offers short-term individual interviews for each of your trainee collaborators during our training to answer more confidential, exclusive questions or whose content is of little interest to the group.

On ½ day, Epykomène recalls the essential points seen in training, secures and strengthens the skills acquired by trainees. This intervention is purely practical: workshops, exercises, role plays that ensure the mastery of knowledge and know-how.

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