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Epykomène is an official training organization registered by the DIRECCTE, regional control service of Ile de France, under the activity number #11755391375.

Financing, conditions & rights to training: All our trainings can be endorsed by training budget and are part of the Compte Professionnel de Formation (CPF). The CPF allows each employee or entrepreneur to accumulate 20 hours of training per year up to a maximum of 120 hours (subject to seniority). For Individuals, training can be provided by organizations in the framework of professional reconversion (OPCA and Pôle Emploi). These rules only apply in France. We will be delighted to work by your country rules if needed.

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Since 2012, training has been at the heart of the agency’s offerings. Epykomène is a training organization registered by the DIRECCTE, regional control service of Ile de France.

Here are the particularities that make our strengths:

  • Luxury Codes, Marketing & Communication of Luxury Brands are our favorite themes. We collaborate with experts in retail & emotional merchandising & 2.0 also for a complete transcendence of your teams.
  • We adapt and address these training courses to various audiences: digital & offline marketers & communicators, sales representatives, customer service & sales advisers, management committees according to your expectations.
  • Our courses combine “roots” (methodology / theory / brand mythology) with “practical realities” (cases, polls, mystery visits, action plan on your stakes) for an efficient & measurable mutation in the respect of the positioning of your Brand .
  • A strategic diagnosis prior to the construction of the training is offered to customize our support and maximize impact. Epykomène has been a luxury marketing specialist in France and abroad since 2010. 
  • Our courses are entirely taught in French or in English according to your preferences.

Our trainings have an imminent and permanent result with our customers as well on the awareness of the codes of Luxury and the strategies of Brands as on the establishment of relevant, targeted & authentic actions for a recruitment and a loyalty of the generations Y and Z of which we are specialists.


Our classics trainings are adapted to the needs, the positioning, and the DNA of your company but also to the specific audience. The format varies from 1 to 3 days.

Our grand-mesure trainings are, as their name suggests, thought and implemented in full for your employees and your Brand. They remain confidential and can be transmitted internally as well as all the tools we created for you at this occasion. The format varies from 1 to 3 days.

Our speakings & conferences are another offer of our training services. They are conducted by Audrey Kabla, founder of Epykomène & author of the book “Marque & Luxe” expliqué à mon boss (editions KAWA). The format varies between 2 hours and half a day.

Our missions


Our training expertise is organized around the following objectives:

  • Luxury awareness and learning of its codes
  • Excellence in communication and service
  • Mastering the Brand for an authentic customer relationship
  • Sustainability of sales and brand equity
  • Customer loyalty and delight (Generation Y and Z specialist)

Among our flagship products & our news:

  • Etiquette & Art of Living
  • Luxury codes
  • The Art of Written Communication in Luxury,
  • The secrets of a Luxury positioning
  • New customer loyalty processes Y & Z, the famous millenials
  • Romance, storytelling & branding
  • The “slow digital” at the heart of e-reputation
  • Luxury Marketing in Luxury Hotels & Palaces
  • The marketing of luxury watch brands
  • Luxury, philosophical, psychological & spiritual issues
  • YUXA – your business strategies transcended by the precepts of Yoga
  • Perceptions of your Brand in Luxury by Generations Y and Z.

Our areas of expertise are: hospitality & services, travel, watchmaking & jewelery, fashion & leather goods, beauty, lifestyle, gastronomy & delicatessen, publishing & arts, sailing, aeronautics, automotive, digital, new technologies etc.


Among the Brands we collaborated with/for, we are proud to name a few: Gucci Watches, Parnasse (Orange Group), Beneteau Group, Christian Dior, Hilton, French Deal, Lery Paris, Serge Pariente, Olympus, Lilly Pulitzer, Timex Group, PopUp Paris.

Since 2011, Audrey Kabla is head of Master’s degree, professor, lecturer, master of thesis’ program and jury for several Universities and Business schools that offer Luxury, Fashion and Design Masters and MBA programs. Among the schools she visited or work with: Sup de Pub, INSEEC Group, Paris Dauphine University, La Sorbonne University, ESG MBA, PSB Group, Isefac, IONIS Group, Fashion Institute of Technology (USA), LIM College, Jacksonville University (USA), Brooklyn College (USA), Rotterdam University of Applied Science (Netherlands), Sichuan Agricultural University (China)

More than 3500 people have already been trained by Audrey Kabla, founder of Epykomène.

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