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Epykomene accompanies you to strive for excellence with this training on written communication, major component of savoir vivre in luxury. How to promote your brand and create a relationship of trust and lasting with its customers? How to distinguish oneself by one’s written communication? What are the rules and “must have” of writing and how to increment them in my work?

Objectives & missions
  • Understand the impact of the written word on the customer relationship & the Brand that we represent to make it one of its strengths
  • Master the essential of written communication in luxury
  • Adapt the rules of written communication to the spirit of your Brand, your market and your targets
  • Consider creating or optimizing a branding language
  • Know how to write letters & emails impacting and respectful of luxury codes
Practical information
Audience Type of training Language Short format Suggested format
Brand & individual – all audiences classic or grande-mesure french / english 1 day

2 days (with 4 to 6 weeks intervals)

Expected results
  • Strengthen a Luxury or Prestige Brand positioning
  • Create a lasting relationship with your customers
  • Match with skill & elegance while being comfortable and consistent with the image of the Brand that we represent
Teaching resources and technical tools included
  • Welcome guide & little booklet for taking notes,
  • Powerpoint presentation (projector, speakers, Mac adapter and flipchart required),
  • Practical cases,
  • Workshops and role plays,
  • A little surprise at the end of the day.
Speaker and animation

An expert in luxury, brand and written communication will be the master of ceremonies of this seminar entirely thought by the agency Epykomène.

Organization of the training

35% of the seminar is theoretical. The rest of the time is spent on workshops, role plays, discussions and brainstorming (if necessary). The trainees are given a home guide summarizing the day and a small booklet for taking notes. Within 48 hours after each training, they will then receive a short summary of the key points of the seminar by email.

Epykomene proposes you to concoct for your Brand and your teams, a training 100% personalized according to your needs and your expectations. The strategic analysis of your request, as well as that of your Brand against customers and market trends is included in this offer as well as the creation of a unique presentation tool and workshops dedicated to your House and its collaborators. 

Epykomène also offers short-term individual interviews for each of your trainee collaborators during our training to answer more confidential, exclusive questions or whose content is of little interest to the group.

On ½ day, Epykomène recalls the essential points seen in training, secures and strengthens the skills acquired by trainees. This intervention is purely practical: workshops, exercises, role plays that ensure the mastery of knowledge and know-how.

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Epykomène is an official training organization registered by the DIRECCTE, regional control service of Ile de France, under the activity number #11755391375.

Financing, conditions & rights to training: All our trainings can be endorsed by training budget and are part of the Compte Professionnel de Formation (CPF). The CPF allows each employee or entrepreneur to accumulate 20 hours of training per year up to a maximum of 120 hours (subject to seniority). For Individuals, training can be provided by organizations in the framework of professional reconversion (OPCA and Pôle Emploi). These rules only apply in France. We will be delighted to work by your country rules if needed.

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