Le Club Phenix Influence is a Business Club created in 2014 by Phenix Influence.logo-le-club-phenix-influence

The club is aimed at developing relationships between its members in a context of culture and leisure activity, in order to create new friendships and professional links.

Le Club Phenix Influence members come from complementary socio-professional backgrounds: Luxury, Fashion, Hotel Trade and Sports. Students, young professionals, top and middle managers and Directors meet there to combine pleasure and business opportunities upon workshops, after-works, literary sets.

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About Phenix Influence:

Phenix Influence is a consulting agency which assists stakeholders in the fields of Luxury, Fashion, selective distribution, Hotel trade and Sports, commercial strategy consulting, recruitment, training, marketing and communication.

Based on a vast network of professionals and on good knowledge and expertise of Business and its stakes, Phenix Influence analyzes specific needs and offers tailor made solutions.

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Epykomene is a partner of Phenix Influence and member of Phenix Influence professional network.