Masculine Luxury in an undeefined univers, with an emergent and a strong potential market. It is a debate topic of various a contradictions.

Are men Luxury’s future?
Men & Luxury

Five universes describe well men purchaser regarding luxury

  • Watches, for more than 750 euros
  • Shoes, for more than 300 euros
  • Suit, for more than 600 euros
  • Luggage, for more than 225 euros
  • Cosmetic products: Use of at list one care product per major brand.


Men & Luxury

7% of men between 18 and 50 years old are high purchasers; they have already bought at least one product in 3 of the categories mentioned.
For men luxury refers to elegance, elitism and show off.

What is more important for a men regarding luxury is to sleep in a five stars hotel, to wear luxury clothes and then in third position have a house cleaner.


The brands men like better are Calvin Klein, Saint Laurent Paris, Lancôme, Lacoste and Christian Dior Homme.


Vidéo pub Lacoste:


79% of men think they have as much pressure as women to get dressed properly.


Vidéo pub Dior:


Men are increasingly numerous to offer themselves the luxury of “sur-mesure” suits or shirts.

Men & Luxury

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