The gorgeous Jeanne Paquin is one of the most important couturiers of the early twentieth century. She was known for her innovative designs as well as her entrepreneurial qualities.


It is in 1869, in the old Ile Saint Denis, in the border of Paris (France), that Jeanne Marie Charlotte Beckers was born. Known in the fashion world as Jeanne Paquin, she started young in a local dress shop, and then she trained at the prestigious French fashion house Maison Rouff.

The fashion designer quickly worked her way up. By age 22, Jeanne Beckers married the businessman Isidore Rene Jacob best known as Paquin, and with his financial support she opened her own couture house.

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The House Paquin was located on 3 rue de la Paix in Paris, not far from the exceptional designer worth.

The House Paquin became soon famous and built the brand as an international company. Foreign branches were opened in London and New York, in 1912, and in Buenos Aires and Madrid, in 1914.

The prestigious House of Paquin had a rich and famous clientele. Garments was designed by Madam Pacquin for the Queens all around the world, for the wives of American tycoons such as the Rockfellers, Vanderbilts, Astors, Ballantines, and Wannamakers, as well as famous actresses such as La Belle Époque stars, like Liane de Pougy or La Belle Otero.

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Mme Paquin designed garments for all occasions ranging from luxurious filmy pastel evening gowns reminiscent of Eighteenth Century elegance, vibrant Oriental- inspired garments, extravagant evening wraps, chic tailored dresses and suits. She also produced uncanny and fancy hats.

Jeanne Paquin was a brilliant artist who crafted imaginative and innovative garments, neither functional nor comfortable as well as modern clothings. Madame Paquin was the face of the Paquin House as well as the head designer and and the head of the House.

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To create stunning and breathtaking visual effects, the brilliant Jeanne Paquin used nonpareil sewing techniques and selected fabrics and decorations that harmonized color and light.

To conclude with words of Robert Forrest, who wrote that: “Fashion once simply did not know what to wear until Madame Paquin brought out her season’s models, and, as for her competitors, their plight was pitiful.”