2 measures of know-how
1 measure of history
1 Strategy
Sprinkle with a piece of dream, hint of quality & a notion of service

Not anyone can be called Luxury. Develop an innovative concept or an outstanding product is not enough. The recipe for success of these Brands consists in mixing some ingredients. The Brand is a whole person, and its product, the expression of its personality. This article will unveil the secret ingredients which make the biggest Luxury Brands in the world. The key of a good strategy remains in the coherence of it. The strategy needs to be unified and respect the DNA of the Brand.


In this global economic concept growing, Luxury clientele is booming. These clients appreciate French Brands. Especially abroad, Luxury is the incarnation of France. That is why, since 1954, the Comité Colbert has for mission to showcase the French know-how abroad.

Major groups had to adapt to a global demand became dual. We have on one hand, the new Luxury clientele for which Luxury products offer a dimension of social distinction, and on the other hand a Luxury clientele more mature, which expresses its personality through the product.

In both cases, these clients of Luxury are looking for authenticity in their purchases and seek to know the intrinsic value of the products bought, related to their universe, their history, their legitimacy and their identity.

Therefore, it is important for Luxury Brands to show the artisanal process that gives birth to these unique pieces. Thus, Brands multiply events celebrating their heritage, staged as a work of art. That was the case for the House Cartier with its exhibition “Treasures of Cartier“, or for the House Van Cleef & Arpels with ” Timeless Beauty”.

Timeless beauty cartier


Other examples :

– The Van Cleef & Arpels School presents one week per month its various expertise to the public.

– The “Festival des métiers” of Hermès : the French house moves some of its artisans (leather goods, glover, saddler, painter, silk engraver etc) for demonstrations about the legendary know-how of the House.

festival des metiers Hermes

Chanel also plays the game through its blog, the “Blog Chanel news.” The famous Luxury House regularly upload high definition videos which highlight the Chanel expertise.

Chanel news


There is no luxury without the concept of service

A key criterion in the Luxury sector is service. Quality unparalleled service requires special attention given to the client, but also personalized services. The taste of excellence makes that clientele seek noble and rare goods.


There is always a story behind an expertise. All major well known Luxury Houses  have a rich history. They build the Luxury history. This return to the past that makes us dream.

Louis Vuitton ex-miller

Did you know that? Before starting as a trunk-maker in Paris, the founder of the Louis Vuitton has learned to use the tools with his miller father. It’s when he was hanging around the Gare Saint Lazare in Paris that he heard travelers complaining about the price of transporting luggage. He learns then to write for write down its ideas. In his workshop, he quickly becomes the best “packer”. The Empress Eugenie, wife of Napoleon III, only swears by the little Vuitton. And it’s in 1854 that Louis Vuitton creates his own company. Two years later, “Sir Louis,” as it’s been called by its employees, present its first major innovation, The “Gris Trianon trunk”.

Malle gris Trianon

Jeanne Lanvin

Did you know that? Jeanne Lanvin started as a milliner. Mrs. Lanvin has always professed a passion for her daughter Margaret, for whom she was designing dresses. Clients of the store went into ecstasies over beautiful outfits of the young Marguerite and asked Jeanne Lanvin to create similar dresses for them. That is how the milliner Jeanne Lanvin became a whole seamstress and founded the oldest French couture house still in operation today, the Lanvin House.

The daughter of Jeanne Lanvin was both his muse and inspiration. It is for her that Jeanne Lanvin designs clothes and develops her Brand. “It’s for astonish her daughter that one thing leading to another, she amazed the world,” summed up the French writer Louise de Vilmorin.

This love for her daughter is her trademark, it became the coat of arms of the House. The story is very important within the Lanvin House. For example, the logo represents the founder Jeanne and her daughter. This evokes a family and emotional relationship.

Lanvin Paris

The Story telling

All Luxury Brands have a story to tell, that forms an integral part of their Brand DNA.

In order to remind us of some Luxury Houses call in their communications to technique that takes on the narrative form of tale, it is the strorytelling.

The latter has for objectives to make adhere the internet user to the Brand’s values and vision, and share its universe with it by telling him its ancestral history, a unique know-how and a strong imaginary.

Cartier House

Let’s take for example “L’Odyssée” de Cartier, which highlights the unique expertise of this great House and lift the veil on its legacy while keeping the element of mystery that characterizes the Brand.

If there was a common denominator for all these Luxury Houses, it would be “Legacy of Excellence”. The Luxury clientele expects from Brands to have a story or to be part of history. History contributes greatly to promote these Brands and their sustainability. The concept of legacy is very present in the Luxury universe, guaranteeing timelessness, quality and tradition.



Luxury is no longer restricted to the wealthier classes but becomes a ubiquitous print. Thus, Luxury Houses have to reinvent themselves every day. This is what did the Burberry House, by using the recipe for its success to launch its digital strategy and operate a rejuvenation of the Brand. Today, the house counts among its muses great names of models such as Cara Delevingne or Kate Moss.

Identity card

Name: Burberry

Date of birth: 1856

Positioning : High-end / Luxury

Brands : Burberry Brit, Burberry London, Burberry Prorsum

Turnover 2013 : 445,5 millions d’euros

Logo :  burberry logo

 burberry 2014

Burberry ‘s strategy

While Luxury Brands are too reluctant to use social networks in their digital strategy for fear of devaluate their Brand image, Burberry has taken the gamble to integrate its digital strategy with its overall strategy. Bet won for Burberry House which is now perceived as a dynamic Brand, connected and interactive. Its strategy allows it to keep its essence while rejuvenating, attracting new targets and retain its clientele through the digital.

The Luxury House which dare social medias

In 2011, the Brand offers to its fans on its Facebook page to get an exclusive sample of the new fragrance “Burberry Body.” Knowing that samples can only be requested via the social platform, by this action, the Brand assures to his fans, exclusivity.

The same year, the Burberry House distributes unreleased pictures of its new collection on social network. A short time until the models walk down the catwalk, photos are shared exclusively on Twitter giving fans of the Brand privileged to see the new collection previewed. Revolution in the world of Luxury during this fashion show, which was also broadcast on live on Facebook. This event created a real buzz, to the delight of fashionistas.

In 2013, the Brand resolutely turned towards digital back on the front of the stage with its campaign “Burberry Kisses”. In partnership with Google, Burberry offers a new experience. They allow you to captures real kisses and send a letter to the loved one. Internet users participated in the experiment with technology “Kiss Recognition”. Before you add a personalized message, users had to select the color of the lips Burberry Beauty. Thanks to a 3D animation representing different cities, the journey of the kiss took shape. These trips were shared on all social medias.

 Many experts be in agreement that the Burberry House is the best example of a Luxury Brand that has successfully integrated its digital strategy with its overall strategy. The Brand has reinvented itself and builds an emotional bond with his fans, essential element to become a brand which is present in people’s minds. The Burberry House has more than 17.5 million likes on Facebook and more than 3.11 million followers on Twitter.



 The Brand is the soul of Luxury Houses. Abstract essence in Luxury & timeless, the Brand embodies an unattainable dream whose clients are approaching owning the product. The Brand spread the cultural, historical & social legacy of its creators and has a personality as well as values that make them unique.

In the Luxury sector, clientele has no need but only desires. Thus, by definition, Luxury Brands do not respond to a request but offers a dream. Luxury would therefore have no reason to be without this notion of dreams, and Luxury clientele aspires to reach it. Every Luxury Houses has a universe that is connected with its name. The universe which sits around the Brand is the additional value of a lambda product.

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