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Confidentiality is our DNA

The Epykomene Agency helps companies to anticipate / create / manage opportunities, but also to prevent / detect / solve problems related to their Luxury Brand, as being the most valuable element of their businesses. For this reason & according to the luxury codes, we must respect and protect the confidentiality of our customers and their communication projects.

We would love to talk to you about the success of our customers when we meet.

In the meantime, here are some success stories that we are proud to share with you!

Strategic Consulting
Operational Support
Professional Training

Epykomène was contacted by the world leader in boating/yachting to set up training courses for all of its marketing, sales and communication departments on its 5 major brands.

The objectives of this collaboration are several: brand-building strategy, luxury codes implementation, Brand DNA enhancement, implementation of new enchantment and loyalty processes for customers, team motivation.

Epykomene offered the following services:

  • analysis the market and the presence of the Group and the 5 Brands in the minds of customers
  • interviews and mystery shopping
  • collaborating with 2 luxury marketing & retail experts to create 3 days of training

Results: A rich yet consistent seminar in terms of sharing knowledge and awareness. An 80% satisfaction rate was polled within the Group’s strategic management committee and the 5 Brands

A French Jewelry House, whose head office is located on rue de la Paix in Paris contacted us to direct a horizontal diversification of its brand.

Positioned Luxury Prestige & renowned for its gemstones and High Jewelry creations, this French Brand wanted to launch an e-commerce site to go further in its strategic digital initiatives and benefit from a more accessible positioning open to the world.

Epykomene’s mission was to support the creation of the Brand by:

  • Defining Brand Strategy and Services Through the Luxury Marketing Mix
  • Developing all content of the website and its structure, in close collaboration with a web agency
  • Planning communication actions and introducing PR agency

Results? The House has developed a new production process in its Parisian workshops. A new website and an e-commerce platform have been launched. A digital strategy has emerged. We also reviewed all actions and marketing tools to optimize the client’s delight in the store: business card, envelope, invoices etc.

An Italian Luxury Brand, recognized worldwide for its leather goods, has used our know-how in terms of strategic and operational training.

A leader in the “jewel” watch market, this company, with a manufacture in Switzerland, wanted to improve its positioning and promote its brand image among its customers in order to build loyalty and recruit watchmaking enthusiasts.

Our work consisted of:

  • Understand the watch brand’s strategy on the French market
  • Train and reinforce the sales performance of their sales force thanks to watchmaking vocabulary and Swiss manufacturing techniques

Results? 95% of the sales team members were satisfied with the training. The vocabulary and presentation of timepieces are more in line with the brand’s strategy of positioning in the watch industry.

Audrey Kabla, founder of Epykomene, has been recruited by a prestigious high-end fashion brand to improve the positioning of their Swiss watch brand.

The American Brand was very successful in the watch market thanks to its licenses. Among them, a brand of Swiss watches with high potential which it wishes to enhance the high-end positioning to be the emblem of accessible Luxury, combining design and quality in Swiss Watchmaking. Our collaboration consisted in developing a solid and coherent reputation in:

  • (Re) Defining the Brand Strategy
  • Creating and implementing the brand image control process through communication, advertising, merchandising, retailing through international distribution (60 countries as distributors and 5000 points of sale)
  • Developing sales and marketing tools
  • Preparing sales meetings with strategic seminars and collections presentations
  • Organizing meetings, attending the Baselworld International Watch and Jewelery Show and event planning

Results? This brand, ranked in the top 10 most sold Swiss watches in the world, has seen a +20 to + 30% increase in profits during the collaboration period.

A high-end American brand contacted us for a brand boost with upgrading.

An iconic brand in the United States, the House is renowned for its famous prints and dresses designed by its talented Creator. Purchased 15 years ago by a fashion group, the brand had to revitalize itself and create a coherent brand strategy in order to gain its position and increase its brand image.

In partnership with Magma Agency, Epykomene’s mission consisted in:

  • Present the market trends through a thorough analysis of the competition and through a personalized perceptual map
  • Analyze the brand’s legacy and marketing promise (USPs) with business strategies to detect Brand opportunities
  • (re) Create brand identity and brand universe and training their teams for a consistent image through the design of a training booklet

Results? The company has totally adhered to the strategy and has already integrated it into its catalogs, mailings and the website. The Marketing Director spoke about our collaboration on this new strategy during an interview in the New York Times magazine.

A French company offering services in the field of telecommunications has used Epykomène to design and present internal training for their multimedia concierge service.

This Brand offers unique services for a prestigious clientele. She is recognized for the excellence of her actions. Positioned Luxe, the brand that belongs to a mass market company, asked that all its employees learn the codes of luxury.

The work of Epykomene consisted in:

  • Work in close collaboration with one of our independent collaborators, specialized in the sale of luxury products
  • Prepare a training in the Art of Written Communication in Luxury
  • Launch a number of hands-on activities and role plays to ensure the commitment of each team member

Results? 90% of the Society’s members were satisfied with this training which led to three other trainings.

Epykomene collaborated on a brand recovery strategy for a Japanese company specializing in new technologies.

Distributed worldwide, this company is renowned for its high quality cameras. His goal was to recruit a clientele of connoisseurs and young users by launching a camera ultra-thin and very technical at a time.

Our mission was to:

  • Brainstorm with partner agencies
  • On the one hand, present an in-depth market research on Luxury and Innovation, and on the other hand, on the alliance of technical innovation and design concern
  • Propose communication objectives, ways to evoke the luxury codes and understand the concept of DNA Brand

Results: Our Japanese partner who led this project found the angle he needed to create his next advertising campaign and now draws his inspiration from other iconic examples of Luxury.

Epykomene has been hired by a fashion accessories brand to increase its visibility and open up internationally.

Recently launched, this niche concept, avant-garde design alliance and French craftsmanship, offers a unique style to its leather goods accessories. The goal was to enter the French market and expand its presence internationally through distributors.

The missions of Epykomène consisted of working on the trade marketing:

  • Creation of sales & communication tools
  • Presentation of the Brand and Collections to International Distributors
  • Work in close collaboration with the founder of the Marque on the openings of the points of sale

Results? The high-end accessories brand was immediately hit by a huge success in Paris by being distributed in department stores as well as in Parisian and Parisian concepts stores. This brand has launched a trend that is copied today by many other concepts.

In 2011, Epykomène was recruited by an atypical high-end concept company to define the positioning of its brand and open its doors internationally. Recently launched, the concept combines graphic design and French know-how for a unique offering on the fashion market in Paris. The goal was to enter major retailers in France and open the doors internationally.

Our mission was to work on strategic marketing and sales support:

  • Brand positioning & vision definition
  • Creation of sales & communication tools such as presentations and brochures
  • Founders’ presentation to key distributors in Japan, Hong Kong, China, India and the Middle East

Results? The Luxury Brand in the design chart has expanded very quickly! A year and a half after our collaboration began, this Brand was present in 15 countries with more than 300 retailers. As for the brand image, they have managed to integrate into renowned concept stores with innovative co-branding and a presence in the most popular salons in terms of Art, design, fashion, and “lifestyle”. The Brand also has a strong presence on the internet.

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