About Trish Rubin

I met Trish Rubin last month in New York. Amazing marketer, professor & writer, she has just published Brand Ed  and she works closely with Sparks & Honey and brought me to my first live briefing there!


What is Sparks & Honey doing exactly?

It’s an agency based in NYC that offers trends forecasting to established brands. Based on culture & digital intelligence, Sparks & Honey remains at the edge of the world news organising briefing 5 times a week and among them 3 are live on their Facebook!



Diversity & Inclusivity, Gens life briefing

I had the pleasure to come with Trish Rubin to the Diversity & Inclusivity one as well as the GenZ one. The core of the agency is set up at the TV show set up! It’s impressive!


  1. watch 1 of their life briefing
  2. if you happen to be in NYC register for free for one of their life briefing
  3. and keep following Sparks & Honey mouvements closely!
This Agency is changing the world of trends forecasting and I like it a lot!

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