What if Armani was launching Armani Airlines?

Ladies & Gentlemen, please be aware that “Welcome on board of Armani Airlines !” is a pure fictional case study. This fictional case study does not intend that the Armani House is one of our clients. This fictional case study doesn’t reveal Armani is launching an airline company for real. This case study is only made for Luxury lovers and connoisseurs, to enjoy Luxury marketing strategy & tools. It is also our way of paying tributes to one of the most iconic Luxury Brands of the century.



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Focus on an amazing Designer


Georgio Armani - Epykomene Luxury marketing blogMonsieur Georgio Armani

Giorgio Armani has founded its Luxury House in Milan in 1975 with a premiere ready-to-wear collection. Since the late 70s Giorgio Armani is considered as one of the leading international Houses.

 The Armani signature item was the jacket: he was the one who reinvented the most classical of men’s garments for women.

He dismounted and recreated the piece, by eliminating its internal supports and the padding, he moved the buttons and modified the epaulets. In 1974 he created the first men’s jacket with a less strict aspect, and its women’s counterpart.


Georgio Armani - Epykomene blog - brand strategy

As for product diversification, Amani Luxury house is the perfect example of Brand elasticity. Since 2004, Armani conquered Luxury services with Armani restaurant, Armani café, Armani flowers and very recently Amani Dulce. In 2007, The world’s first Armani Resort opens in the Burj Dubai with an expansion plan of 14 Armani hotels in the next decade. During the same year, a strategic marketing agreement was signed between Giorgio Armani and Samsung to develop high-end electronic and consumer products.

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Why is Product Diversification Essential to Luxury Brands?

Armani, Italian couture house, has set foot in almost every Luxury & Fashion sectors in products of couture, leather goods, watch and cosmetics but also in services with Armani Restaurants, Armani Dolci, Armani Spa & Armani Hotels (Milan and Dubai).

With such tremendous Brand stretching strategy, Armani truly imprinted its Brand universe in every detail of its clients life. Product diversification, also known as Brand Stretching, is the key to strengthen your Brand image and increase loyalty by providing to your clients a full emotional experience within your Brand universe. With measurable results in visibility and growth, Epykomène offers you the keys to achieve a consistent yet innovative successful Brand stretching.




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