The big question nowadays and for the past 2 years has been: Is Luxury compatible with sustainable development?

Classy, expensive and environmental, are these theme contradictory or do they have similar values?

Luxury brands are seen as exclusive, rare, useless and authentic but many claim their will to associate luxury and sustainable development. Since almost 20 years, sustainable development has become inescapable and concerns every line of business. Luxury doesn’t avoid it.

Sustainable development1

Luxury is close to sustainable development problematics because it deals with rarity and beautiful and so want to preserve it. Creative and deep luxury also opens new horizons for sustainability, it brings innovation and originality.

Moreover, luxury can’t accept to pollute and ruin the planet, because it values continuity, longevity and belongs to the world of beautiful. When people buy luxury product, they also buy the values of the brand they identify themselves to. A brand that respects its environment becomes naturally attractive.

Real luxury is by definition TIMELESS. Globalization and massification of luxury have increased environmental and social impact of the sector. Sustainable development is the new weapon in the game of seduction for luxury consumers. It is a new way to distinguish yourself from others because it is original and a good deed.

Sustainabale development

Léonie Fauche