Luxury refers to image, beauty, but also to well defined sound identities for each brand.
Is music inescapable on the market? Are actors creative? Is music helping brands identity?

Let’s have a look at three brands musical identities:

Cartier, the famous jeweler has a real strong sound identity. In each audiovisual communication classical music is played. Wind and strings instruments, flutes and pianos make a magical universe that corresponds perfectly to the pictures and the consumer’s expectations.
It brings a prestigious, majestic and inaccessible character to Cartier and makes it become an absolute luxury brand. Listen to L’Odysée de Cartier :

Christian Dior, honors rockers such as The Killers, The Rolling Stones, and The Gossip. The luxury brand is provocative, unpredictable and shows its dark side trough its music.

It might want to betray great Parisian couturiers prohibited values. Listen to Dior Homme Parfum:

Guerlain, the oldest French perfumery uses old musiques (Serge Gainsbourg or Nancy Sinatra) and other more contemporary titles (Muse). The musical DNA of the brand attests well its audacity, excellence and ingenuity since its creation. Listen to La Petite robe noire Eau de Toilette de Guerlain :

These three luxury brands have chosen different types of music to define their identities but often, brands do not dare to use original music to distinguish themselves from their competitors. Only one brand out of ten has its custom-made musical creation. Music is not maximized in luxury communication whereas visual identity is prioritized.

Léonie FaucheLéonie