Changes are good & necessary, that is what we often say.

Yet sometimes, once we remained in the same position for the long, the mouvement appears scary, difficult and obviously unsettling. It remains necessary.

And this has been what I have been through for the past couple months with the blog of Epykomène.



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Its look is refreshed (and we hope you like it), there are still a few technical bugs (please excuse my French :), we love imperfection! For it to move on, the content had to rejuvenate too.

“-What will we find here now?
-We articles & interviews in English as before but as well French ones, videos, podcast.
-That is it? That was the big changes you were talking about?
No… not really you are right. We are moving the editorial line to a move straight forward one. We will keep introducing you to the Luxury & high end concept we love around the world. And we will now start dissect, talk, share what we think about Luxury as a state of mind, as a field. Why not decrypt what Luxury brands are living nowadays? Let’s be more real… it’s about time, don’t you think?”

Let us know if you like the change or if you don’t! Help us shape the future of the blog of Epykomene! Also, we are please to welcome some contributors too. Just send us a message!

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