The attitude of Brazilian consumers is: Why wait if I can have it now?

Brazilian Luxury Client are very brand conscious, well informed and traveled. They are very familiar with international luxury brands and they care about quality and exclusivity. They are influenced by European culture and style, and by the American casual fashion style and consumption standards. They are particularly responsive to the feeling that a product is being made just for them, whether it’s the inclusion of a monogram on the product or the development of exclusive designs.

Brazilian luxury clients

Brazilian clients, long known for being spenders and not savers. They love credit: Even brands that won’t consider offering installment plans anywhere else do so in Brazil. More than 70% of luxury-product sales are credit card installments.

Brazilian Luxury clients want their products immediately because many of the rich are newly so, with the impulses that often attend that group. They are in their 30s and 40s and they want their fun now. Moreover, Brazilians spend more on luxury in the U.S. than visitors from any other nation and they are
“show-off”, for example, they own two to three vehicles. That’s why Luxury cars market is increasing (represents 50% of the Brazilian luxury market).

In our opinion, it is important for Luxury Houses to respect their codes and their Luxury behaviors to appeal to them.

Chloé Gosselin
portrait chloé