With its democratization that has started in the 80s and is still currently active,

Luxury has become an everyday subject, way more popular than politics or cinema on the social media. More and more people convey it, buy it, love it and it’s only a beginning.

Same on the entrepreneurial sphere, more and more companies want to be called Luxury and find ways and schemes to make it happen using Luxury strategies.

What if we were to compare the main reasons Luxury appeals to clients with the main advantages for companies to be positioned in Luxury.

Luxury to the final client is synonymous with…

Trust is a common advantage (discovered less than a 100 years ago) for any renowm companies in and outside of Luxury. But what is glued to Luxury and proper to this field in EMOTION & DREAM. We admire the history of a Brand and its know-how, we feel we belong within this Brand universe, we agree with its values, we dream to buy the entire store and be a loyal client, we even aspire to work for this Brand.

Luxury is EXCELLENCE. We require the imperfect (human) perfection from the product/service creation to the greetings protocol in Boutique.

Luxury is EXPERIENCE. The real value of Luxury lives in its experience, the service you receive when you enter a Luxury Brand, the unique adventure you go through when you fulfill your desires to discover the world or access to an item you convey for a very long time, the freedom you enjoy when you escape for the “outstanding” trip.

What are the advantages of being positioned as Luxury today?

A Luxury Brand is by definition a TIMELESS INVESTMENT. Our companies work on long-lasting trends and provide best materials and most qualified human know-how. Each product is unique. This way, as clients, we want to share this experience as a legacy with our relatives and place it as a personal achievement.

Luxury is 100% Brand ENGAGEMENT. Awareness and Loyalty to the Brands are key in Luxury. Word of mouth is the strongest in this field.

Because you produce high quality product, you sell HIGHER VALUE. The clients trust you in buying a product or a service with quality and services far beyond the average.

Therefore, margins are higher because experience is better and product last more.

Last but not least, Luxury is BRAND EQUITY.

Because our Luxury Brands symbolize dream, emotion & excellence, their Clients develop a very tight emotional link with create value. This immaterial value of the Brand once quantified as a financial asset that multiplies tremendously the company original equity.

In Luxury, there are no needs only desires for the final clients. The core value and first meaning of Luxury is PLEASURE. We provide in term of products but also services (economical situation), what makes life worth living or like we would say: “la crème de la crème”. Our clients are here not because they need to but because they want to and that makes the whole difference in term of expectations and expenditures. We should always aim & provide the BEST.

Who wants more Luxury ?


Audrey Kabla

Audrey Kabla Founder of Epykomène