Dubai, the most developed city – emirate of the UAE has grown thanks to its oil reserves. The city took advantage of its resources to grow with large investments in luxury hotels and tourist sites in the futuristic look . Dubai wants to conquer the top spot in terms of luxury tourism. 

Dubai, located in the Persian Gulf, is the most luxurious of Arab towns and most developed of the seven emirates making up the United Arab Emirates. Starting from nothing, the city became one of the finest and most luxurious cities in the world since the discovery of oil reserves in the late 60s. Dubai stands out from especially by its delusions of grandeur resulting by gigantic and nonstandard constructions. Desert was erected an oasis of luxury and modernity turned increasingly to Futurism.
It is now the favorite destination of tourists and businessmen thanks to its skyscrapers and hotels are the most starred in the world, but also because of its trade opportunities.
Lately, the highest tower in the world , which is eight hundred meters high, was inaugurated in the city.


Dubai has gained worldwide fame thanks to attractions such as the Burj Al Arab hotel is the only 7 stars hotel in the world, or the Palm Islands, The World, Dubai Marina, the Hydropolis , the Burj Khalifa and the Burj Dubai. Dubai is considered the world capital of shopping with its impressive shopping malls like Dubai Mall, its popular souks and shopping festival that takes place each year.

Wanting to become the world’s luxury tourism destination, Dubai has embarked on the construction of a second international airport and two metro lines and plans a third line . Equally fascinating and spectacular projects were considered , such as the new artificial island project called “universe”, the Lyon Dubai City, Dubai Sports City and skyscrapers over 600 meters tall sheltering offices, shops and a luxury hotel with hanging gardens. Obviously Dubai invests in gigantic projects to impress and attract wealthy tourists and businessmen.

Chloé Gosselin