Instagram is a Smartphone application launched in October 2010 and which, after an hit in the US, comes rushing in France and Europe. In short, this application, which is the buzz for several years in France, allows users to take pictures and sublimate them by applying effects and filters and then share them with their friends on major social networks. Nowaday, around 55 millions pictures and photos are post every day!
Instagram is a social network that incorporates all the best practices of its predecessors. We can find on the app the Like as on Facebook,  the Hashtags and the ability to follow and be followed as on Twitter. Except that unlike Facebook or Twitter, Instagram knows no language barrier, photography is a universal language.

Why Luxury Houses loves Instagram?

The Instagram secret is its virality and Luxury brands have understand the importance of this application.
The difference between a front shop, a corporate website and a Facebook page or Twitter feed is the fact that Instagram invites people to discover the backstage of a brand and to be less commercial which is another way to consider marketing. In deed, it is rarely question of pure products on Instagram. Used intelligently Instagram don’t allow to sell a brand but its universe, its values and a lifestyle. On Instagram you should must to inspire fun, authencitity and exclusivity.

Internet has broken the exclusivity of luxury, the ability to have a product before everyone. Instagram allows to find a sort of privilege. More than a follower, one can become a true insider who knows so well the brand that you are the one in the middle of “fans” who understand the meaning of the landscape in the brand’s album.

According to us the main reasons why luxury brands should stand on Instagram are :

  • Present a quality and a trendy content
  • Present an exclusive content on a real-time: Fashionshow backstage, event backstage etc.
  • Read comments and to see images on your brand on Instagram on a real time thanks to hashtags
  • Organize giveaways and photo-contest
  • Know what clients are saying about the brand
  • Discover who are the main inflenceurs on this media
  • Follow on a real time competitors
  • Strengthen the relationship and affect between clients and brand
  • Fet an impressive virality at lower cost (the application is 100% free)

Why Luxury Houses loves Instagram?

Snapchat is a Smartphone application launched in September 2001, one year after Instagram. This application was a revolution because it was the first time that users could send messages, pictures and videos which self-destruct after each seconds!

Actually, Snapchat has 150 millions of active users per day according to Bloomberg analysis, and overtake the social media Twitter. They spend around thirty minutes per day on the social media.


Graph by Le Blog du Modérateur

Snapchat is very popular with Generation Z ; in fact, 71% of Snapchat users have less than 25 years old.

The difference with the social media Instagram is that Snapchat is not only an application to see and go through pictures and videos: the application push users to doing create different contents, encourage them to do ‘snaps’ and ‘stories’. Moreover, Snapchat often renew, you could applying funny filters, that allow the application to be famous and create viral contents: even celebrities take pictures with funny faces!

The secret of Snapchat is the engagement! And for a while luxury brands have also understand the importance of this application.

One of the main strategy of Luxury houses is to share events, fashion shows, backstages in live in the way to share intimate moments with their followers, all around the world. The objective is concretely to build an affinity with users! Burberry was one of the first to use Snapchat in April 2015, when the brand share the opening of this new flagship in London on the social media. Then follow Louis Vuitton, which creates the account ‘LVLIVE’ at the occasion of this Cruise Fashion show, from which followers could saw the fashion show in live. Celebrities and top-models accentuate the Snapchat trend, because they share also backstages and fashion shows directly from their personal account.

burberry-snapchat-london-epykomène-strategYK eva-longoria-et-doutzen-kroes-festival de cannes-snapchat-epykomène

Brands create also competitions on Snapchat: in 2014, Lacoste launched the campaign named #SPOTTHECROC. In fact, followers of the brand have to find the hidden crocodile on videos to win a discount of 20% on their next purchase Lacoste. The objective is once again to generate interactivity and engagement.


In conclusion, the social medias Instagram and Snapchat aren’t in competition but are compatible. Each has advantages and also differences. Their similarity is the accessibility with the followers, brands could share contents like pictures and videos all around the world. The difference between Instagram and Snapchat is the fact whom the brands use the alikeness with the followers: Snapchat is more authentic, there are no many filters and the use is more in the moment than Instagram which is an aesthetic spontaneity.

Co-writing: Chloé Gosselin & Bénédicte Le Bihan

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