From suits desiger to the stars to african activist, he ‘s the man who translated a childhood love of clothes into an international business. Ozwald Boateng is the fashion designer that you have to know.

Born in 1968, in London, England, his parents were originally from Ghana, and came to London in 1950s. Ozwald Boateng is a designer that isn’t afraid to use vibrant colors and when it comes to a well fitted suit, he is your man. British fashion designer Ozwald Boateng was introduced to design at the very young age of 16 while he was attending Southgate college. British menswear designer Ozwald Boateng has been called “the peacock of Savile Row” for the exuberant fabric colors he uses in his ready-to-wear collections and line of custom suits.
Tagged as one of London’s freshest creative fashion forces, this Anglo-African began his career as a tailor and unveiled his first collection during Paris Fashion Week in 1994 the world of fashion received its first taste of Boateng’s style.

Ozwald-Boateng-fashion week 2012Ozwald Boateng Fashion week 2012

Ozwald Boateng has quickly begun in haute couture. Self-taught, he became at age of 28, the youngest and the first black tailor to have his shop on London’s prestigious Savile Row, a street renowned for its fine tailoring, where the world’s royalty come for their attire.

For all of us, suit represent respectability. Every leading men, personality and leading figures in the world, have one in his wardrobe. A way for them to embrace a kind of respect and achivment. We all grown up with that idea, and so do Ozwald Boateng.

boateng style

boateng suits

In addition to develop his own brand, Boateng spend two years designing for french fashion house Givenchy. Well known, he plays an important role in development of Africa.

Ozwald-Boateng for Givenchy

We invite you to watch the BBC interview of Ozwald Boateng below, to learn more about the tailor and his thoughts.

We love him. Every single man should have an Ozwald Boateng suit !

For more information check Ozwald Boateng website

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