Arthur Oscar Stampfli is a Haute Horlogerie swiss manufacture created in 2009. The manufacture found inspiration through the passions of the creator’s father. Arthur Oscar Stampfli was a great passionate about fishing, yachting and of course watchmaking. Each timepieces from the house pay tribute to this Man.
The manufacture is the symbol of precision, patience, passion and of course the symbol of the endless love between a father and a son.

The AOS collection is composed by: Ocean Classique Pearl 1916, Le temps des Ingénieurs 1900, Classique Street 2012, Les Roues du Temps and Elements. AOS Timepieces are in limited edition.

The Epykomene agency has the pleasure to discover in more detail the Elements collection. The collection is composed by four unique timpieces whose dials are painting by hand bu the Australian Timothy Jones 

           Arthur Oscar Stampfli                         Arthur Oscar Stampfli