During Baselworld 2016, Audrey Kabla and Bénédicte Le Bihan from Epykomène agency, House of Luxury marketing and French know-how, had the pleasure to discover a new brand named Arthur Oskar Stampfli watches.

The brand was created in 2009 by Roland Stampfli, who wanted to create timepieces in memory of the passion of his father, Arthur Oskar Stampfli. It is an high crafted watchmaking Manufacture in Switzerland.

This year, it is the collection named “AOS 1691, Artisans time” which take pride of place. It is composed of unique and exceptional creations.

Epykomène - AOS Watches - Baselworld- Audrey Kabla- Collection 1691

By Bénédicte Le Bihan Bénédicte-Epykomène-Epyblog