When Epykomène was in New-York City, at the NY NOW fair, it discover an original and modern brand, Alexandra Von Furstenberg.


Originally, Alexandra Von Furstenberg is a fashion designer and especially the daughter of the famous fashion designer Diane Von Furstenberg.

About its own brand, Alexandra Von Furstenberg originally began by designing acrylic tables for her home, and after she launched her eponym brand in 2007.


Its a real passion for her, and she wanted to create luxurious, unique, innovative and moder furniture made of acrylic. She launched two collections, Fairless in 2008, composed of acrylic neon tables and Voltage in 2009, which consisted of acrylic tables in a smokier color palette.

Now, Alexandra Von Furstenberg‘s furnitures and home accessories are continuing to grow and tables, boxes, vases, prints, etc, are available in original colors and furnitures.


Discover Alexandra Von Furstenberg at NY NOW :