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It is a great pleasure to meet Brian Stanziale, Founder of “the bms.”, an emerging lifestlye brand. Brian shares his passion. A big thank you!

Hello Brian, it is a pleasure to meet you today to talk with you about the brand The BMS that you created.

Merci, I’m so happy to be doing this!

How long has “the bms.” existed?

I started playing around with using my initials (bms) for a while.  It was originally bmsnyc. but then I chopped off the “nyc” about 2 years ago.

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How did you have the idea to create home decor books?

I was working in NY as an interior stylist for photo shoots and one job I was booked on  was this gorgeous Tribeca  loft.  Amazing home, fantastic art, but no books.  It was weird.  It made me realize that people are loosing their affinity for books.  That’s crazy to me!  I think that sparked the fire in me to try to give people a reason to get excited about books again.  Books are art, I don’t think a lot people realize that.  And they tell people a little bit about who you are, the same way that the piece hanging above your couch would.  By using them as a canvas, I’m able to help bring out the art in the book, and making them a piece that people proudly covet and display.

What is your favorite piece?

my 9mm.  (just kidding!)… they’re all my favorite.

You also have created a candle collection.  Why?

Well, it’s still in the developmental stages.  I’m pretty deep into r&d right now, working to develop some beautiful and original scents.  I think it is important to sort of brand your home.  Smell is such an important sense and it’s one that lingers with a person.  I think it’s an important element in making your home memorable

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What is your favorite scent?

Hermes De Terre

What is the luxury home piece of your dreams?

Anything by Maria Pergay.  Genius

Do you have any plans or ideas for 2015?

Just trying to see what else I can cover in tacks

If you were was a luxury brand, which one would it be?

roche bobois

Which character, real or fictional, alive or dead, would you like to meet?


What is your favorite dessert?

funnel cake

If we were somewhat anticipating the end of your career, what would be the epilogue?

Yeah…, Brian made that

And finally, a quote that you want to share?

Real beauty takes more then a first glance


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