When Epykomène was team in New-York City, at the NY NOW fair, it discover Bungalow 5, an american brand of modern and classical furnitures for home.

The collections and furnitures of Bungalow 5 are designed and produced by a group of different architects and designers. Bungalow 5 is based in New-York City but designers work on different projects all around the world, like globe-trotters.


The distinctive feature of Bungalow 5 it is to produce unique and classic pieces with unuasal materials. Bungalow 5‘s furnitures are influenced by Eastern and Western classical trends in home design, and the silhouette, material and colors are very important for the brand.

Bungalow 5‘s furnitures will go as well in a traditional house that classic room!

If like us, you love trend furnitures & home decor, you could visit their gallery on Instagram!

Discover Bungalow 5 in NY NOW :

 bungalow5 (2)


By Bénédicte Le Bihan Bénédicte-Epykomène-Epyblog