Find a café where you can have a quiet brunch on a Sunday morning in the 11th arrondissement of Paris without waiting in line for two hours. The equation seems insoluble? This is because you have not met coffee Moco, a mini haven of peace in Paris.

Located at the intersection of rue de Charonne and boulevard Voltaire, through the bay window you can see the room and the marble bar, where fresh products jostle between homemade cakes, plants and freshly brewed coffee beans roasted.

At Café Moco, you can order slate or choose the brunch formula. It consists of two drinks: a hot (coffee, tea and matcha versions or chai) and a cold (lemonade or fruit juice of the day – both homemade), a main course and a dessert.For the other days of the week, on the menu: Soups of the day, sandwiches, creative salads made with fresh products.Dessert side, the choice is complicated: brownie with nuts, carrot cake, four quarter with lemon or chocolate cake vegan or the small greedy: the homemade granola and its red fruits. Why delight gourmands.

The kitchen is inspired, free and without brakes, colorful, just like the decoration. If moco means a sailor from the Mediterranean, the azure is popular here. He is on every wall. Without denying the modern and comfortable, it’s like first class cabin of a 30’s yacht.

Café Moco is a little exotic bubble, sheltered from all the diktats of the moment. Fresh, no frills, like at home, but better.







Estelle Varillon