The Kormoran Transforming Boat or the boat of the future!

Let me introduce you the boat of the future: it’s called the Kormoran Transforming Boat, designed by the brand Kormoran.

The boat has six different configurations, each one suited to a particular type of boating: Mono Hull, Katamaran, Trimaran, Bathing Mode, Flight Mode, and Night Mode. The users of Kormoran products have access to […]

IGLOO, the store-experience at home!

You don’t have any time to do some Shopping? Move them at your home with IGLOO!

You just need to slide your finger over the screen to select clothes, among collections availabled in stores, that you want to try quietly at your home. You have the choice between 45 brands and creators such […]

Hermès Heure Masquée

Hermès introduces the new Watch called Dressage Heure Masquée. Indeed, this revolutionary piece of a new collection was founded in a new concept of mechanism: the hidden hour complication.


This exceptional creation was inspired by a poetic vision of time. Time is a luxury and Hermès […]

Montblanc launches a digital operation inviting you to share a second of your day

Montblanc is a German manufacturer of writing instruments, watches, jewellery and leather goods. To promote its luxury watches, the brand called to the German agency Demodern which imagined an innovativeconcept, a social network based on the”time”. This famoussocial network is a mobile application called “TheMontblancWorldsecond” which allows each user […]

HYT breaks the codes of luxury watchmaking with the H3

At the occassion of Baselworld 2015, HYT reveals its new timepiece called H3 ! After H1, H2 and the Skull, the luxury watchmaking brand revisits once again the time reading and breaks watchmaking codes. In deed, the timepiece is […]

Arthur Oscar Stampfli luxury swiss manufacture

Arthur Oscar Stampfli is a Haute Horlogerie swiss manufacture created in 2009. The manufacture found inspiration through the passions of the creator’s father. Arthur Oscar Stampfli was a great passionate about fishing, yachting and of course watchmaking. Each timepieces from […]

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Vertu, the brand of Luxury mobile phones

logo vertu

Developed by Nokia and founded  by Frank Nuovo in 1998, Vertu has very […]

Vertu, has announced its new smartphone, the ‘Signature Touch’!

Vertu is a luxury brand of mobile originally owned by Nokia. In 2012, they  resell Vertu order to focus on its core business. The luxury brand, Vertu, has announced its new smartphone, the ‘Signature Touch’ which will be available from 7900€. With a sound developed by Bang & Olufsen, a camera […]

“Toys for boys”, the new creative Bomberg campaign

logo bomberg watch

Bomberg is a Swiss watchmaker which presented its first collection during the Basel Fair in […]

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