Discover the Nine Hours Hotel with Luxury students

Today I have the pleasure to introduce you, a project realized by my students in Isefac Bachelor within the framework of the class I give Luxury hotels. Jane Guilloteau studied the Nine Hours Hotel in Tokyo.

Japan’s Evasion in An Amazing Foodtruck, Atsu Atsu – Paris

Have you ever tried this new Foodtruck generation, coming directly from Japan. This is just Crazy, if you like discovering new country by the mean of gastronomy, don’t hesitate anymore and run into their website to see their next […]

9h Hotel, the upscale sleeping hub – Kyoto

According to Keisuke Yui, the 9h hotel CEO, the business traveler is often looking to satisfy 3 needs during his stay in a hotel: showering, sleeping & preparing for the nest day, all this within 9 hours.



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