Epykomene visite Breguet à Baselworld 2018

Dans le sillage d’un héritage unique, être Horloger de la Marine Royale, et animée par cette volonté de se surpasser continuellement, la maison Breguet a dévoilé l’an dernier un chef d’œuvre horloger, le modèle Marine Équation Marchante.

Au-delà de ses impressionnantes […]

Omega présente ses nouveautés à Baselworld 2018

À l’occasion du salon horloger Baselworld, Omega a présenté ses nouveaux designs ainsi que ces innovations techniques.

Parmi les nouveautés phares la montre Seamaster Diver 300M, cette montre phare de la Maison depuis 25 ans a marqué le retour triomphant d’OMEGA […]

Corum s’expose au salon horloger Baselworld 2018

Depuis 1955, Corum considère la créativité et l’audace comme ses valeurs cardinales. La marque poursuit le chemin tracé par ses fondateurs, restant plus que jamais fidèle aux collections emblématiques tout en les enrichissant d’une touche moderne et puissante, empreinte d’innovation et de progrès technique.

Découvrez Hublot loves football à Baselworld 2018

Le salon Baselworld 2018 était l’occasion pour la Maison Hublot de présenter ses nouveautés telles que la Big Bang Unico Red Magic ou la Big Bang Tourbillon Sapphire mais surtout la Big Bang Referee 2018 FIFA World Cup RussiaTM et la présentation […]

Discover the bold jewelry brand Akillis

The jewelry brand Akillis was created in France by Caroline Gaspard in 2007 with the aim of redefining the exceptional by reinventing jewelry.

At just 25 years old, this young designer is upsetting the hushed habits of jewelry, she innovates with a deliberately […]

Corum exhibition at the Baselworld 2018 watchmaking fair

Since 1955, Corum has considered creativity and daring as his cardinal values. The brand continues the path laid down by its founders, remaining more than ever loyal to iconic collections while enriching them with a modern and powerful touch, full of innovation and technical progress.

Discover Hublot loves football at Baselworld 2018

Baselworld 2018 was an opportunity for Maison Hublot to present its novelties such as the Big Bang Unico Red Magic or the Big Bang Tourbillon Sapphire but especially the Big Bang Referee 2018 FIFA World Cup RussiaTM and the presentation of the […]

Epykomene visits Breguet at Baselworld 2018

In the wake of a unique heritage, being a watchmaker of the Royal Navy, and driven by this desire to continually outdo itself, the Breguet house unveiled last year a masterpiece of watchmaking, the model Marine Equation Marchante.

Beyond its impressive complications, this piece symbolizes […]

Omega introduces new watches at Baselworld 2018

On the occasion of the Baselworld watch fair, Omega presented its new designs as well as these technical innovations.

One of the highlights of the Seamaster Diver 300M watch, this flagship watch from the Maison for 25 years marked the triumphant return of OMEGA in […]

Jaubalet Paris, customed designed Luxury Jeweller

Today we want to talk with about a new kind of Jewellery Luxury House which breaks traditional codes from the Jewellery sector. Let’s me introduce you: Jaubalet Paris!

Luxury jewelry maker and on line jeweler, located 10 Place Vendôme in Paris, Maison Jaubalet Paris provides you with its traditional and artisanal know-how to handcraft jewelry.
Jaubalet […]

Alhambra the emblematic icon of luck of Van Cleef & Arpels

In 1968, Van Cleef & Arpels creates the first Alhambra long necklace, inspired by the palace of Alhambra in Granada, Spain and combining yellow gold with the delicate lines of the famous motif. More than a jewel, Alhambra becomes the Maison’s emblematic icon of luck, a timeless family that stands out from […]

Poiray, jewellery brand between modernity & authenticity

Poiray, luxury house of jewellery & high jewellery was created in 1975 and is located in Place Vendôme, among the prestigious brands of jewellery. The beginning of the House’s creations was marked by its impertinence and its bold choices and changed the codes of traditional jewellery.

If we described the brand

SO PROD and the Blue Smart Technology

During Baselworld 2016, Audrey Kabla and Bénédicte Le Bihan from Epykomène agency, House of Luxury marketing and French know-how, had the pleasure to discover a new brand named So Prod.

So Prod is a watch production company, which produces Swiss Made automatic movements for watches […]

Discover Piaget Altiplano: an ultra thin timepiece

More than just a movement; more than just a case – this is both at once. The Piaget 38 mm 900P Altiplano, the world’s thinnest mechanical watch. With its fusion of manual winding and external finishing, it was designed as an ensemble to set a world record for thinness, at only […]

Hermès and the Arceau collection

During Baselworld 2016, Audrey Kabla and Bénédicte Le Bihan from Epykomène agency, House of Luxury marketing and French know-how, had a beautiful visit at Hermès booth to discover new timepieces.

The time keeper Arceau is an iconic product of the brand Hermès. This year, Hermès will […]

Blancpain and its erotic timepieces

During Baselworld 2016, Audrey Kabla and Bénédicte Le Bihan from Epykomène agency, House of Luxury marketing and French know-how, had the pleasure to go at Blancpain booth to discover new timepieces of the year.

What was our surprise when we discover the video on the Blancpain booth showing the […]

Arthur Oskar Stampfli watches, a swiss made brand

During Baselworld 2016, Audrey Kabla and Bénédicte Le Bihan from Epykomène agency, House of Luxury marketing and French know-how, had the pleasure to discover a new brand named Arthur Oskar Stampfli watches.

The brand was created in 2009 by Roland Stampfli, who wanted to create timepieces in memory of […]

Colleen Mauer design from San Francisco

Let me introduce you the designer Colleen Mauer!
When Colleen Mauer crafts pieces of jewelry for her eponymous collection, the process isn’t always done in a routine way. Self taught jewelry designer, Mauer works out of her studio and showroom in San Francisco’s Mission […]

Wolf 1834, a brand specialised in watch winders

The brand Wolf 1834 was created in 1834 by the German Philipp Wolf, and it is actually the market leader in creation of jewellery cases and watch winders for timepieces.

In fact, a particularity of the brand Wolf 1834 is to create ingenious and somptuous watch winders. Especially, they create watch winders […]

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