Centre Pompidou pays tribute to César Baldaccini, aka César, in a big retrospective which gathers 130 works come from the whole world presented in a vast space like a loft XXL with a view on all Paris.

This artist sculptor, born in Marseille in 1921, gets noticed in the middle  1950s, for the transformation of the materials which he operates in works rather classic: ” welded irons “, human and other figures “Venus” denounce an industrialized society, of overconsumption.

Until he dies at the age of 77 in 1998, the artist will not stop shocking and intriguing with violent works as his Compressions. Cesar glorified waste, scraps and carcasses of cars, to sublimate his modernist universe. We can also speak about his Expansions, about timeless sculptures which represent diverse liquids having congealed having flowed of a packaging.

If these “construction sites” are the most known of Cesar, Centre Pompidou also presents the human Imprints, the will to map the feminine body and also the welded irons, which are inspired many of the works of Giacometti and Rodin.

None understood artist, sometimes patronized, he was bitter not to have known a big museum consecration in his lifetime. These 130 pieces, to which is added a huge version of its « Thumb » on the square Beaubourg, reveal an adventurer of the industrial recycling.

César, 20 years after his death, became a pope of the contemporary art.


Estelle Varillon