At the heart of the universe of Cha Ling, a cosmetics line that integrates for the first time anti-aging active ingredients and antioxidants extracted from tea leaves of Yunnan Pu’er forests. 

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Cha Ling is the combination of the best of both worlds:
– The wisdom of the Great Chinese Culture. Thus Cha Ling could develop from its birth on 5000 years of history and culture
– The expertise of excellence , driven by cutting edge scientific discoveries of the LVMH Recherche and the heart of this encounter, sensitivity to what is beautiful, that share the French culture and the Chinese culture.

Cha Ling is a skincare line designed to care for the skin, while respecting its own laws, to give only what it needs at every moment of the day. A daily appointment with her beauty wherever one is and as often as possible: at home, at work, where you live elsewhere abroad, traveling in the morning during day, evening, weekend or the seasons differently.

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By Chloé Gosselin ChloéGosselin-Epykomène-Epyblog