Samsung, Coca-Cola, Peugeot, Nespresso … are all brands that appeal to renowned designers, luxury brands to cosign exclusive and unique products in limited edition. In recent years, this phenomenon affects the world of fashion not without some criticism and misgivings …

Renowned for offering trendy clothes at affordable prices, H&M goes further since 2004 and unites with famous couturiers to create temporary collections. Its collaborations with Karl Lagerfeld, Jimmy Choo, Lanvin and more recently Alexander Wang & Balmain make an undisputed luxury co-branding model. Online sales brands such as La Redoute, also surf on the wave by offering collections signed by Jean-Paul Gaultier, Courrèges or Azzaro. And some fashion brands  appeal to celebreties to create capsule collection such as : Maje with Lou Doillon or Pablo with Clémence Poesy.

luxury & co-branding   luxury & co-branding

Co-branding or masstige (association between prestige and mass distribution) allows to make more accessible luxury goods. The success is such that stocks are being depleted at a crazy speed. All followers of fashion snapped within hours these branded collections.
The launching of these co-branded collections are accompanied with spectacular fashionshows.
Everyone is benefiting, therefore, since these associations allow both brands to boost their sales, to appeal to different targets and improve their image.
Thus, the ready-to-wear brand offers a new identity selling luxury at the same price as its regular collections, and adopts a luxury aura in an saturated market. And for the famous designer, it acquires a more accessible image and closer to clients and can therefore achieve new targets.

luxury & co-branding   luxury & co-branding

However, not everyone shares this enthusiasm for luxury co-branding in fashion. There is now a “blurring”  between luxury and mass distribution boundaries. In deed, by wanting accessed, losing its mystery, luxury has lost the basis of its definition while others have acquired an artificial prestige.
Therefore, this type of association is only temporary to avoid any risk of cannibalization. But in the very closed world of fashion, most faithful designers stay away from this marketing strategy. Indeed, one of the specificity of luxury is the rarety. Now, with collections made in series, the rarety of the product no longer exists.

Co-branding: a dream finally available?