Delphine Sanglade, a Parisian lady fell in love with fashion and decided to launch her own fashion blog.Very special thanks to Delphine, for her time to answer our questions.”

Du Style Madame

When do you start to blog?
It was a long time that I’m thinking to launch my own blog, but I have always push this idea from my mind because I was thinking that it was not the good time, and finally I created Du Style Madame one year ago and it will be soon the first anniversary of the blog in August !

Why did you want to create your own blog?
I wanted to create my own blog for several reasons:
First of all, I launched my blog at the end of my studies, so I think it was a good way to stay active and to use my communication skills (I did a communication degree). Then, I would like to meet some new people from different horizons. Moreover, I would to create my own world where everything I loved will be gather. To finish with, I would like to prove to myself that I can build something alone.

In a few words can you explain us your universe?
I wanted to create a participative blog because I wanted to bring together people with different styles and create an unique and huge dressing as if they were walking on the streets. I didn’t want to post only my own outfits.


Why have you choose to called your blog “Du Style Madame”?
It was very difficult to find the good words and the good expression to resume what I wanted to create with my blog. After, one million brainstormings I’ve finnally find : Du Style Madame. “Style” refers to the fashion side of my blog and “Madame” refers to the participative side. Every girls that I shoot are called Madame (for example: Madame Odile).

Du Style Madame  Du Style Madame


Can you describe us your style?
It’s quiet difficult to describe my style, I’m like a chameleon. Actually I have two different styles: a summer boho style with franges, ethnic prints, kominos, ethnic jewels and a winter style which more BCBG, preppy with claudine collar, polka-dot prints etc.

What we will never see on you?
Without any hesitations white stiletto and boots!!! And high platform shoes which are too sexy and sometimes looks like dragqueen!!
I’m maybe too conventional!! (laugh)


Do you have bloggers that inspire you?
Yes, as everyone nowaday !
I’m totaly in love with the pastel style and the preppy, girly universe of Elles en parlent. (It’s my winterside choice)
And I have a big crush on Les babioles de Zoé with her gypsy and boho outfits. In my opinion she has a perfect sense to match.

Elles en parlent  Les babioles de Zoé


Do you have any plans or ideas for 2015?
I launch a new tab: look inspirations where readers could find outfits  on a white background around a special theme.
I will launch very soon a new tab where I will post some photo about out of ordinary places in Paris.
And of course I will develop the participative lookbook

And finally, a quote that you want to share?
It’s not a quote, it’s more a leitmotiv : Always believe in yourself.