In 2010, Hermès brought together all of its materials, know-how and creativity in a single place for the first time. A workshop that’s continually evolving, as the materials that are recovered and provided change, Petit h is a fabulous laboratory of ideas and experimentation, where artists can imagine anything, try anything, and suggest anything. Thanks to the dialog between artists, designers and craftsmen, ideas are immediately put into application, in creations that are as free as art, and that are fun, dreamlike and unusual.

Petit h  Petit h

Petit h suggests collaborations with designers who are selected for their sensitivity and their style. The workshop provides them a place in which to create, discover new materials and dialog with the craftsmen who bring their designs to life.
Leather workers, seamstresses, goldsmiths, crystal and porcelain workers… Petit h brings together expert craftsmen who master their craft and combine all of the know-how of Hermès’ various métiers. Thanks to their years of experience with the company and this opportunity to work closely together, our craftsmen can participate fully in the artists’ proposals.

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Petit h creations are signed and presented with no concept of a collection or of a season. They are offered at special, temporary sales held at Hermès stores around the world, and permanently at our Hermès store at 17 rue de Sèvres in Paris.

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By Chloé Gosselin ChloéGosselin-Epykomène-Epyblog