The Château de Versailles, Luxury cradle raised by the French King Louis XIV, whose construction began in 1663, is a majestic architectural masterpiece built by architect Louis Le Vau, the painter Charles Le Brun and the landscaper André Le Nôtre.

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Recall that it was Louis XIV who has set up numerous codes of luxury and spawned several sectors: Couture, French Haute Cuisine and Tableware, or cosmetics. Thanks to him, the French became the official language in luxury.

On the other hand, horses are required for men in the kingdom, Louis XIV had built the royal stables in 1679, wishing the majestic and at the height of its prestige and fame: it will be the Great and Little Stabl, or Stables Royales. Great Stable received the finest thoroughbred horses and trained, and Little Stable ordinary horses.

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At the same time, the School of Versailles was founded, cradle of equestrian art, where the squires formed the horsemen and nobles of the kingdom. While the great French rider, François Robichon de la Guérinière, the king appointed equerry was not the Versailles School, he founded the codes and origins of equestrian art and contributed to new training methods in the Royal Manège of Tuileries.

Today, Château de Versailles perpetuating this art, the Equestrian Academy of Versailles was created in 2003 in the Great Stable by Bartabas. Every weekend in the Grand Stables of Château de Versailles are presented to visitors fantastic horses shows, on a baroque music as if it was in the time of Louis XIV…

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