It is with great pleasure that we had the chance to meet Dr. Oren Marco , plastic and cosmetic surgeon at St. Louis Hospital. He shares with us his passion. A big thank-you !


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How long have you been a surgeon ?

I began my studies in 1999 Medicine and Surgery in 2006. Plastic Surgery, Reconstructive and Aesthetic soon appeared to me as obvious in my course and it’s been over 8 years since I operate every day with always as intense pleasure.


What reasons led you to launch on this path?

The plastic and reconstructive surgery and aesthetics is a childhood dream . Firstly because when I was small I took part in the healing of a friend and I had been burned completely fascinated by her skin grafts. A film was particularly marked at the age of 10. “The two-sided mirror ” by Andrée Cayatte where Michelle Morgan changed its face after a car accident with a cosmetic surgeon .

After this film , I knew this was what I should do with my life ; combine medicine and aesthetics became clear. In fact I sometimes receive consultation of childhood friends who like to remember that even very young I wanted to take care of their chest, their nose. What is amazing is that they come telling me ” you see I ‘m listening, you were right you’re gonna take care of me .”


Can you give us a few adjectives to describe your job?

Above all, Exciting as technically because this discipline is constantly evolving and any surgeon throughout his career has led to even new things, but just as exciting in human terms , because it is a real project between the surgeon and the patient, strong links are created and this is the first coaching appointment and that goes well beyond the post-surgery . I repair when a cancer, malformation or injury mars the lives of my patients.

Cosmetic surgery , it also helps to repair from the inside, I mean mentally .

The other adjective that sense in the qualification of my job is Head, patients entrust us an important part of themselves that is their image, but beyond that there is also life, the surgeon has an important responsibility regarding his patient, I put everything in with the rest of my team to live up to the trust placed in me.


What part of your job do you enjoy the most?

It’s hard to stop at just one aspect surgeon … Being includes a lot of aspects as well regarding patients as medical professionals.

So we can not deny the excitement and adrenaline that we have in the operating room, but as I have said previously, it is above all the human that drives me, I am happy to see my patients leave for a new life, more fulfilled .

Regarding medical professionals, I like being in contact with my mentors and still be able to still learn every day, it is a chance ! Conversely , I like to send my trade to internal and clinical leaders.


To what extent do you think the cosmetic surgery is a luxury and just improve/change the lives of your patients?  

Cosmetic surgery is a luxury since it falls outside of strict necessity . It is also important to note that this is not only superfluous either, people are not obsessed with their image, far from it.

This luxury previously reserved for the elite is truly accessible to more and more people, it is a financial and personal investment, that is why I called a real life project.

We are not here to change the lives of people, but accompany them to truly be themselves, if nobody recognizes most is a failure.

Plastic surgery is a beautification process, the purpose is to feel better about yourself, more confident and fulfilled while remaining oneself.



Do you have any specific projects or ideas for 2016?

I am particularly invested in breast reconstruction , which in my opinion is not yet sufficiently developed in France since too few women are rebuilding after breast removal . I also am involved in surgery of skin cancer with the hospital’s dermatology team.

And I also developed my business cosmetic surgery , because the challenge is different but equally exciting with a return to more natural surgical techniques less invasive.

I think there as in the world of music and film a “French Touch” for cosmetic surgery because the French operated patients rarely resemble the stereotypes that can be found in the foreign media.


Now some questions about the man who is Oren Marco:

What men (surgeons or not) inspire you the most? This does impact on your work?

In general , I like the big bosses, policymakers, heavy heads, be they men or women for that matter.

I think it requires great human qualities to manage a team and this is also true in the medical field.

I am fortunate to have met great surgeons who trained me throughout my career and now I have the chance to work with one of the greatest that is always available for his team, Professor Maurice Mimoun.


What real or fictional character , living or dead, do you dream of meeting ?

I had the chance to meet many people who fascinated me early and now attend in my daily life . Overall I remain always amazed when I meet a passionate artist in the fashion, film and music because I feel, even though I am a doctor, to do something very artistic .


What is your favorite dessert?

Without hesitation profiteroles chocolate is a delicious dessert I admit, very refined at a time, some presentations are breathtaking.

What I also like about this dessert is the variety of textures and mixing of hot and cold


If cosmetic surgery was an art , visual or otherwise, what would it be for you?

Cosmetic surgery is primarily a separate medical specialty since it treats the body to the head in someone who is not sick.

This is a complicated specialty that is not within the art that is learned and is highly codified.

In my personal history, I have always been attracted to painting and sculpture I always practiced ; in this sense it is a taste for aesthetics me also pushed aesthetics.

But the key to a good cosmetic surgery is not the artistic side of the surgeon but above all to know decipher the demands of patients in order to reshape their bodies.


Finally , a quote that you would like to share ?

“Stubbornness is the path to success ” : this quote from Charlie Chaplin is close to my heart.

I started from nothing, and I worked very hard to achieve my childhood dream of becoming a surgeon. This quote is a motor, whatever your projects, you can achieve anything if you put everything to get there.

If you want to read the interview of Oren Marco in French