French is always considered as the top of “chic” when it comes to Fashion. But did you know that it was also the case for interior design?


France has the oldest and the strongest interior design tradition. For centuries, and since the oldest monarchies, French decoration has been considered as the symbol of elegance and luxury. More than trends, it is a cultural heritage.

             frenchbathroom lecorbusier  Damien Langlois Meurine

Nowadays, the French reputation carries on. The symbol of interior elegance is now embodied by designers. International Jet set fight over French artists such as Pierre-Yves Rochon, Sybille de Margerie or Jacques Grange. In all the biggest cities of the world such as New-York, Hong-Kong, or Abu Dhabi, we are looking for the perfection of the French Touch. Simplicity inside Modernity, and Luxury through sobriety, this is French design paradox. Beyond beauty, it’s the French way of life that is exported on the international scene.

             french french deco Barbara Fink

France still has the first rank in terms of design and it will probably continue for decades.