These past years, we saw many brands committing for several worthy causes.

Anine Bing, the Danish creator, has just revealed her new campaign of lingerie. She pays tribute to the diversity and beauty of the feminine bodies. And for the occasion, the creator give up on Photoshop. To promote her new models of lace bras on her e-shop, Anine Bing wanted to finish with the clichés of the perfect body.

She appealed to real women, who have love handles, cellulite, hairs in armpits, ample bosom or who do not simply are in their twenties. By making this choice, the brand wishes to celebrate the real women, to empower them. A beautiful message when we know that Anine Bing is adored of the bloggers as Chiara Ferragni, but also models such as Kendall Jenner or Gigi Hadid. And to keep its momentum, Teen Vogue reveals that the lingerie will be from now on available in a wider choice of sizes, to fit every women.

An other one stands out recently : Gucci against the use of the animal fur in its future collections. Indeed Gucci made a radical decision: the total abandonment of fur in its collections, including the last spring and summer show 2018 presented in Milan in September. This evolution shows a will of change on behalf of the brand in particular since Alessandro Michele’s arrival to the artistic direction.

The remaining furs will soon be put up for auction and funds put back to several organizations of defense of the rights of animals. Gucci joins the rows of the numerous brands having taken this commitment as Hugo Boss, Ralph Lauren, Armani in 2016, or still Stella McCartney, one of the pioneers.

Is the revolution underway?






Estelle Varillon