French Deal is a Luxury men’s Brand created in 2012. The history of the Brand is above all that of its creator, Steeven Kodja.It all began in the 2000s when he decided to start exporting ready-to-wear pieces from New York to sell them in France. Passionate about fashion and Hip Hop culture, this former professional dancer perfectly combines these two worlds to create his own universe.

The streetwear and stylish finds of the “Frenchy” are so popular and successful that he is gradually beginning to make a name for himself and create what will be the foundations of the French Deal Brand.

it’s in 2006 that a professional love at first sight took place between Ian Mahini, a professional basketball player, Ousmane Dabo, a former professional footballer and Steeven Kodjia, the Brand’s founder. Sharing the same vision of fashion, they wish together to raise French Deal so that it becomes a reference in the street fashion sector.

The universe of the house combines their common passions: Art with the world of fashion, in perpetual search of perfection, and streetculture, the sport in search of performance and perpetual success.A Brand that has succeeded in combines hip hop DNA, street culture with history and elegance.

A real successstory for this made in France Brand which presented its new collection “Volume 4” for the first time at the Fashion Week in Paris last June.