Prestigious beauty brand, Epykomene Agency had the chance to discover Galénic more in details a few weeks ago and that’s why we wanted to talk about it!

At the origin, Mr Pierre Fabre, a famous and visionary pharmacist and the inventor of dermo-cosmetics, imagined a brand that would combine the rigour of the pharmaceutical industry and the refinement of the beauty world. Drawing on his pharmaceutical expertise and knowledge of the Art of formulation, he imagined and created high-quality cosmetics.

Epykomene, Galénic, Beauty, Luxury, Paris Epykomene, Galénic, Beauty, Luxury, Paris1

But what is the unicity of Galénic? The High Cosmetic Formulation. With a know-how and a specific heritage to the world of beauty, Galénic has been creating and manufacturing High-Quality cosmetics for nearly half a century. The aim is to create and guarante a very rigorous selection of raw materials, tests and verifications conducted by experts, and controlled manufacturing in France.

Thanks to the know how of the Pierre Fabre’s laboratory, Galénic’s Master formulators are experts. Their work is to develop exceptional beauty care products. They create, compose, blend, test and retest the custom formula that will contain the active ingredients.

The Epykomène Team have a big crush on the Aqua Infini range of products… Know you know what will be your next daily beauty care ritual!

“I wanted to design a moisturiser for women who are pressed for time that also enhances the complexion to naturally reveal its beauty.” –  Pierre Fabre

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Epykomene, Galénic, Beauty, Luxury, Paris4

By Chloé Gosselin ChloéGosselin-Epykomène-Epyblog