Who never yielded to temptation seeing the crust with its crunchy ridges and the perfect golden look of a bread ? I do! It was at the le Boulanger de monge ‘stand in the sustainable luxury fair in Paris. 

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The Boulanger le monge offers us in addition to different sort of breads and baguettes, some delicious cakes, viennoiseries, sandwiches, quiches.

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The quality and flavor of bread are a result hand-crafted know-how by using natural products for their breads made in the French tradition. From the mill to the oven, Boulanger le monge guarantees exclusively 100% pure wheat flours.

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In addition to the taste of products, the things most appreciated about le Boulanger de monge is that you can see the bakers making bread through the shop window. Be careful not to come too early, before the opening time because it’s a torture to watch and wait until the purchase!

The Boulanger le monge lived up to its reputation as a very popular bakery. As a keeper of the French culinary heritage Boulanger le monge combine history and authenticity of his product with his modern and original touch.

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The best reward for the Boulanger de Monge is to “live up to your high expectations of quality and your love for natural bread.”

You can find the product Boulanger le monge only in their bakery shops, which are located in Paris. But surprise, they also opened a bakery shop in Osaka, Japan.

For more details, you can check the website of the Boulanger de monge HERE !

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